Mechanics of Field Tension
how the tension is relieved by clumping matter

he mechanism by which spherical beta.gif - 2kb fields affect the Euclidean alpha.gif - 2kb manifold causing tension in it, is that these fields embody existence relative to one another by causing mutual additive and subtractive curvatures ... and the relief of that tension when beta.gif - 2kb fields clump up to form stars, galaxies, etc. is the result of the cancellation of the curvature of the beta.gif - 2kb fields at the midpoint plane of intersection which makes them unable to influence the alpha.gif - 2kb field there.

The entire composite field between both beta.gif - 2kb fields cancels to some extent but that cancellation is least nearest the center of either field because the field varies as 1/R where R is the distance to the field center. So that the closer the two particles come together, the less overall curvature is imposed on the alpha.gif - 2kb field. This relieves the alpha.gif - 2kb field tension.

On the side away from the other particle's field center, both beta.gif - 2kb fields are mutually reinforcing because they are additive if they curve in the same direction and subtractive if the curve in opposite fashion as one would expect from the gravitational analog. The cancelling effect would cease to exist if both beta.gif - 2kb fields coincided exactly (but there are other forces to keep them apart).

What happens when the alpha.gif - 2kb field pushes matter on other scales?

While the tension relief process is pushing matter together into clumps, it is also pushing the clumps of matter apart. For the apparent expansion of the universe to continue, gravity must continue because it coincides with its concomitant force pushing matter together. Therefore, both forces must scale up as matter clumps and there can be no asymptotic approach to a "crystaline universe" wherein nothing can move because it is equally pulled or pushed in every direction. Thus, stars form galaxies which form clusters of galaxies which form super-clusters and so on (though here the scaling apparently stops because the universe simply isn't old enough to have formed discernible "clusters of super-clusters".

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