Identity, Form
and Interaction

ll things have this in common. Each has an identity. That identity is expressed in a 'form'. Regardless of content, each thing has this in common with every other.
All things 'interact' with all other things one way or another.
Their existence takes 'form' in conjunction with and by 'interacting' with others.

Form and interaction are logically congruent in the same way as one and nothing.

A thing is what it appears to another thing to be. The entity (form) which is observed (interacted with) can never be divorced from that which observes it nor can either (form-interaction) be construed as logiclly anterior or posterior. This applies only to 'elementary particles' and not to complex organisms such as man where interaction presupposes the existence of the man who then interacts. More on this distinction later.

In a later section, this fact will be used to explain, at a rudementary level, the P and CP violations of the weak interaction.
Therefore, we may assert without fear of error that:
That which has form but does not interact does not exist.
And, that which interacts but has no form is equally not possible.

(Plan on a slight modification later. All absolute statements collapse at some point of inquiry, even this one... and this one... and this one... and this one.................. )

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