Why there can be no
Exotic Dark Matter

ften lost in the haze of conjecture, the aberrant geometrical distribution of supposed dark matter is a far greater "kink" in any matter substitution theory which accounts for Zwicky's initial puzzle.

Ostensibly, matter and the "missing mass" candidate must be initially evenly mixed. If this were not so, one could not expect all galaxies and galactic clusters to give evidence of the existence of some foreign parameter. Certainly, it is begging too much to expect such a candidate to be arranged in an initial shell around where a galaxy is going to form?

How can one posit the existence of such matter which interacts gravitationally with other normal matter in the normal way and yet fails to distribute itself in the same geometric formation as that normal matter, e.g. as a pinwheel in a pinwheel galaxy or elliptically in a normal elliptic galaxy.

Certainly any supposed exotic matter in our own galaxy would be expected to be simply "here" where all the rest is. Scientists (the better ones) have been able to find something as exotic and ephemeral as the neutrino but can't find a neutral particle ten times as abundant as normal mass? Where is it? Obviously, it is ...

Not to be found ... anywhere


Addendum 08-28-00:
Here is an excellent in depth analysis of the same thing (though I do not agree with the Absolute Motion Principle). Read it.
Dark Matter: WIMPs, MACHOs or Sacred Cows?

There is a normal expected distribution of velocities in galaxies which is not adherred to. To alter the geometry of distribution, we can only alter the geometry of how the mass-dark-matter is distributed. Since we cannot alter the distribution of the normal mass (we can see where it is), we can only alter the distribution of the dark candidate which, in turn, leads to contradictory interactive anomalies, i.e. it interacts normally with normal matter but not normally with itself.

Dark matter distribution graph

Notice that the general shape of the curve is the same if dark matter is added in the same distribution [green] as normal matter [red] in a spiral galaxy unlike the observed [blue] velocity distribution.
There is this possibility:
Accept that dark matter exists but that you can't see it. It interacts with itself in a manner different from normal matter with other normal matter. Therefore, one ought also postulate the existence of another "long distance force" hitherto unknown to science.

Dark matter can't interact with itself by conventional gravity or it would have the same distribution as normal matter. Nor can it be conventional electromagnetism since this force is evenly matched (+&-) throughout the galaxy ... at least well enough to cancel out galaxywide. If conventional electromagnetism were responsible for the "weird" distribution of dark matter, we should exhume Hans Alfen to acquire the proper explanation.

It can't be short range nuclear or weak so that leaves us with ___ what?

The mistake here is Newton's

He thought that matter attracted matter without considering the inverse candidate ... the space surrounding matter. Both are equally mysterious. This was a natural and obvious error. No one then or even now would seriously postulate what I have given in the previous section.

Yet it must be true.

There are no other conceivable possibilities (if one rules out particles as the cause).

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