On the Impossibility of
Absolute Uniform Acceleration

he following illustration shows why uniform acceleration is theoretically impossible given the nature of the positional field.

In no case, during acceleration, can point B be traveling at a rate equal to that of A. It is always traveling at a lesser velocity. Hence, the distance AB must shrink. But this means (under the rules previously established for the elastic positional field) that the particle must slow down through interaction with its own field which is now warped rearward.

What happens is that the particle accelerates then slows in response to its own field which then restores its uniform density ... then the acceleration begins again ... then slows ... etc. The process is intermittent. At the level of our perception, however, it seems smooth and uniform. This process moderates the fall of an object in a gravitational field such that all objects fall at the same rate in the same field because it is the rate of acceleration which determines the distortion of the positional field.

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