The Consequences of
An Ellipsoidal Field

he ellipsoid generated by acceleration has two foci. A signal bouncing off the inside surface (originating at one of the foci) will travel over the opposite focus and away from the particle as an oscillating "bundle". It bounces off the high density front end of the field and out the rear low density part of the field.

In doing so, it will take characteristics of the parent particle such as its handed rotation.

Those influences ejected out the back of the accelerating unit possess mass/energy since the unit itself is falling down a gradient. They do not disperse as would be the case with energy which is simply being "passed on" (the standard wave mechanism).

Rather, a bundle of energy with a well defined wavelength is "woven" as interference and positional uncertainties generate uniformity.

Whatever characteristics are contained in the resulting wave pass through a "camera obscura" at each node. This means that both up/down and right/left symmetries are reversed. Which inturn means that any rotational handedness is preserved identically in each successive wave.

This theoretical wave form is a "bullet".
It will not disperse.
It is radially symmetric.
A group of such bullets will disperse as 1/r2

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