CPT Symmetry

harge, Parity and Time Reversal are the symmetries resulting from the structure of space and the counting process.

Charge is conserved to maintain the identity of the isotropic grid. If a localized expansion or contraction of the grid occured the field density of the average unit cube would be altered meaning that a net change of the universe had taken place relative to no other standard. Since the universe is its own standard it follows that there can be no net change. It is a closed system without external referent. (See Internalization of Logic)

Parity is conserved, absolutely, because there is no way to demonstrate a preference for either left or right. Preference is a quantitive term whereas left-right symmetry is entirely qualitive. The non-conservation of parity would therefore require the existence of an external universe of the opposite hand (which is forbidden by the fundamental postulate). As will be seen in the following section, the parity violation of the weak interaction is illusory.

Time is asymmetric because of the preferred direction of logic (1,2,3...) but must approach symmetry as the time scale is shortened because the universe does not change appreciably from one instant to the next, i.e. near past and future are identical. Therefore a process which occurs quickly is less likely to demonstrate asymmetry than one which allows net changes to accumulate in the system . (This may seem to contradict the foregoing. The universe is a closed system with respect to a continuum which is infinite in temporal and spatial extent ... not simply out to the Hubble radius.) See Indirect Instantaneousness

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