Parity Violation

ssociated with the reaction velocity is rotation at right angles to the direction of v, acting as the embodiment or unit time (unit angular momentum). Just as a unit length is necessary to define the average distance between two points (the isotropic grid is a ruler), a unit rotation constitutes a 'Euclidean clock', or, absolute reference for velocity control.
Such rotation demonstrates a preferred handedness because of a logical relationship between randomness and interaction at the scale of indivisible units.

Form and interaction are congruent. A form which does not interact does not exist and no interaction occurs without the involvement of some other form. Neither is logically anterior or posterior to the other. So that, on the scale of indivisible units 'being' (form) is equivalent to 'perception' (interaction), i.e. a thing 'is' what another thing 'perceives' it to be.

By analogy, on a larger scale, a person wearing special glasses which reverse left and right can become accustomed to living in a mirror reversed world and can in principle function equally as well as a person without such glasses.
The question then becomes "How can it be known that two people not wearing such glasses are seeing the same thing with respect ot left-right symmetry?".

Clearly, it is impossible to verify such a qualitive state. It can then be concluded that any being perceives the world in one of two states (left or right handed). And from the former reasoning (see Difference Congruency), the universe must exist in the two states simultaneously.

Also, any being must see the entire universe in one state or the other for to see some parts right handed and some parts left handed would result in contradictions with other observers, vis. if two people look at gloves, one cannot say "both are right handed" while the other says "one is right handed and the other is left handed".

Therefore, at the level of individual units, all particles (of the same type) must be perceived by other units to possess the same handedness. [ Random perception is equivalent to random being which would result in quantifiable contradictions.]

Observed parity violations in the weak interaction, in fact, verify parity conservation. The restoration of the symmetry takes place in the minds of the observers. Some see a left handed universe and some see a right handed world but each sees all the world in only one 'handedness'.

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