The Wall

here are only a handful of people I know of who have seriously attempted to do anything like I have done in the foregoing pages. The reason for the dearth is simple ... the matter is horrible in the extreme.

A true horror show.

But the horror comes from within (as in Night of the Living Dead ... the inculcated sense of self-worthlessness) instead of without (as in Godzilla ... "You're goin' the wrong way!"). So, before anyone might try this, the requirement is ... that one have an extremely durable soul. No amount of technical abilities will prepare you for what must be endured. It is no use describing "the horror" to you further since there will be no common ground between us on this matter.

The following people have been "to the wall" based on my reading between the lines of their own words and works.

  1. Newton - Warrior numero uno. Attempted to scale the wall ... fell down ... a genuine "tough guy" (KIA) "The subject is barren." I know viscerally what that means.
  2. Leibniz - Most excellent surveyor. Went there. Right up to it. Looked at it and ... hmmmm ... no way man. Great insights.
  3. Einstein - Through a rock at it ... and walked away.
  4. Aristotle - Went right up to it ... as a tourist.
  5. Ayn Rand - Tourist only.
  6. Physicists and Cosmologists - All do the same thing ... some better than others ... through a telescope ... from a distance. But they do see it.
  7. Rest of Humanity - No look. No see. No hear.
  8. There are a few other types (some even on the net)-
    Some draw a sketch from a great distance.
    Some will ram it headfirst (to no effect).
    There are many head rammers. I admire their pluck.

Very few people will actually touch this subject. And because of this fact, I have discovered a new means of disproof.

If my contention that the universe is a simple integer count is true ... then ... I would be the single most unique person ever to live on Earth.

But by universal acclamation, this can't be so. Therefore, the contention must be false. So too with anyone's theory about the ultimate nature of existence.

It follows then that there is no final answer.
Thus ... automatic knowledge ... (and reduction is irrational).

Hynek said it best,

"It can't be ...
therefore ... it isn't."

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