A Special Note for
My Young Critics

have many youthful readers who are inexperienced at reading a "condensed document". For their sake, let me give some explanation of what goes on here.

If you are looking for contradictions ... you will find them. Most will be apparent due to a lack on your part ... some will be due to a lack on my part, either from a failure of exposition or perhaps a mistake in logic on my part. If you should reveal the latter, I will personally thank and credit you in these pages.

Please remember that my purpose is to enlighten myself (first and foremost). You, the reader, always come second.

I am wedded to the following propositions ...

  • There is only one form of existence. There it is in front of you.
  • What you perceive is, by definition, real.
  • Properties common to all things are never trivial. In fact, they are the most important things, i.e. the tools of understanding and explanation.
  • Words denote concepts with the following pedigree:
    1) Floating Abstractions [disconnected from reality]
    2) Identifiers [a thing named with some attributes noted but not understood]
    3) Concepts Understood [the former put into a hierarchical structure]
    4) Things Explained [#3 described in words for the benefit of self or another]
  • I shall never give these up ... even if put to the "rack".

    Bring your intellect ... NOT your feelings

    If you "feel" that I am wrong about some major point ... I really don't care to hear it. Also, if you "feel" that I have the greatest site going ... I don't care to hear about that either. It's boring to me either way.

    The only input you can give which is of value to me is a

    New Idea
    There are damn few of them.
    Or ... you might ask a question which causes me to to take a different explanatory path, i.e. I'll rewrite something so you can understand what I mean more clearly (and thereby understand it better myself).

    Also, I can't and won't hold your hand for you ... guiding you through every little fork in the road. I don't have that kind of time available.

    Remember that I was once a teenager too ...

    I spent many a night awake ... all night ... thinking ... and went to school in the morning without catching a wink. Just like you (hopefully).

    When you find something you "KNOW" is wrong ... because you thought about it for two weeks (or two years) ... please consider that I was there too ... a very long time ago. And if that idea is not completely covered, I may have forgotten it entirely ... or, didn't think it important enough to include ... or, I didn't explain it well enough ... or, maybe it IS covered and you just don't see it yet.

    The chances that you, as a teenager, will see something that escaped my notice ... [for 37 freakin' years] ... is not realistic. Still, there is the slimmest possibility ... and I enjoy hearing ideas enthusiastically rendered by young people who genuinely want to know.

    I never "yield" philosophical ground to another intellect ...

    Never. This has to do with the art of war more than anything else. The things I propose on this site are matters of life and death to some billions of people who will die horrible, premature deaths IF the world should fall into another dark age (its present direction).

    For those not "in the know" ... we are presently engaged in a battle not of good vs evil but of technology vs evil. And I am unsure of the eventual outcome.
    So, first and foremost, I will never relinquish the moral high ground ... Under any circumstances ... Never give the bastards an inch.
    I am reminded of a Spartan soldier at the Battle of Plataea who carried an anchor into battle so that, throwing it forward, he could not be driven back. (Herodotus)
    Of course, if a genuine nuts & bolts idea is presented, I will dump my position the instant I see my error and will be most appreciative as well. I have "flushed" a great deal of my own s__t in the last four decades.

    You can be sure of that ;o)

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