The Nature of Existence

Why is there something instead of nothing at all?
And why is it observed in this particular form?

An ex nihilo theory founded in logic, mathematics
and geometry, derives the universe as the unique
consequence of the impossibility of a state of nothing
... a simple integer count

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The Fundamental Postulate  
What Constitutes Proof?
        Validation vs. Proof
Current View & Preconceptions
        My Methods of Inquiry
        The Anthropic Principle
        Building Blocks

In Conclusion
The Beginning
Identity, Form and Interaction
What the Universe Really Is
Time and Space

        Structure of Space
        Average Distance Between Points
        Unit Measure
        Fundamentals of 3-Space

Expansion of the Universe
        The Big Bang as a Robust Theory
Reflexible and Reorderable Systems
Mass, Inertia and Momentum
Determinism and Causality
Entropy, Thermodynamics and Information
Quantifying the Earth's Gravitational Field
        Gravity Shielding
        The Speed of Gravity

Dark Matter, Missing Mass
        Dark Matter Mechanics + Accelerated Expansion
        The Origin of Charge
        Why there can be no Exotic Dark Matter
        Tension in the Isotropic Field
        Pioneer 10 Deceleration
        Physical Review (letter to)
        Dark Energy
        Accelerated Expansion of the Universe
        The Chipmunk Effect
        Letter to Ned Wright

Newton Principia: s.XII p.LXX t.XXX

Electromagnetic Interaction
        Positional Field
        Isotropic Field
        Uniform Accelerations
        Ellipsoidal Field
        Photon Model
        Proposed Photon Experiment
        Logical Foundation for this photon model
Electron-Proton Mass Ratio and
Fine Structure Constant

        Electron g-factor

Weak Interaction
Nuclear Force
The Electromagnetic and Gravitational
History of the Universe

CPT Symmetry
        Parity Violation
        CP Violation
        Black Hole T-Symmetry Violation
        Gravitational Orbits and More T-Violation?
        Fermions and Bosons

Mathematical Relationships Between Constants
Planck's Constant

        Notes on the Special Theory
        Notes on the General Theory
        Twin Paradox in a Euclidean Manifold

The Foundation of Quantum Mechanics
        Logical and Mechanical Interactions
The Bell Inequality

Uncertainty Principle
        Schrodinger vs Heisenberg

Particle Masses and Lifetimes
        Particle Masses - Current Speculations
        Non-Interval Probability
        The Quark Express
        String Theory
        The Elegant Universe (book review)

Logical Principles
        Scientific Methodology
        Miscellaneous Observations and Calculations
        Theories With No Hair
        The Relationship Between "pi" and "e"
        The Plantlike Character of Logic

The Long Term Fate of the Universe
The Quality of Nothingness

        The Relationship of Finite to Infinite
        Alternate Universes
End remarks
        Rejected Part of Intro to My Future Book
        Contradictory Evidence
        The Wall
        Language as a Tool

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        The Nature of Collisions 7/07/36
        Quantifying Earth's Gravitational Field 6/16/36
        The Basic Construct 5/05/36
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        Galactic Jets from Black Holes 03/11/36
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        Set Theory - 9/8/35
        Speed of Gravity - Revisited 8/26/35
        Request for Photon Experiment 7/7/35
        Ex Nihilo 6/25/35
        Properties of Accelerated Expansion 6/18/35
        Wave-Particle Duality 5/21/35
        Parallel Universes 5/05/35
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        Progress on my book 10/18/34

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