White House Press Corps

liminate the White House press corps. This "fourth estate" is not a branch of government.

I don't know about you but having the press and TV people as the fourth branch of government is completely unacceptable. They have the same "inside the Beltway mentality" of our senators and congressman. They have all the connections to ferret out information on anything at all and use it to advance their own agenda which is neither mine nor anyone else's.

Who elected these people? How did they come to hold the power to address the conscious minds of hundreds of millions of people? Where do they come from? More importantly, where do they intend to take us?

Well, what I actually want is for them to just go away.

This is fairly easy to accomplish. One need only get rid of the White House press corps. Take away their press passes, that is, & give 'em the boot. I can see them now, rolling down the steps of the capital building. Goodbye inscrutable agenda!

How does one then report the Beltway news? Right.

Just have every news agency (who wants to report this news) send in the name of a representative, some of whom will be picked out of a rotating drum by chance. This is your new White House press corps. Let them hold this office for one-year, then get a new bunch. Better yet, trade out half of them every six months. That way there'll always be experienced people there.

The people picked out of the drum consist of representatives from every rinky-dink newspaper in America which is financially able to support their man for one year in Washington.

But, you say ... they won't have all those connections. They won't be able to dig up "all" the dirt. Good, that's just the way I want it!
I want a fresh view not a jaundiced eye.
I want a fair search for the truth by persons to whom truth is the only measure of success and an end unto itself.

The simply requires a constantly refreshed supply of dispassionate citizens.

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