The Centurion Awards

ther people and institutions are giving out their own person or thing of the century ... so, here are mine.

Man of the Century

Edward Teller
Edward Teller

As "Father of the Hydrogen Bomb", Teller succeeded in accomplishing what no man in history had ever done. He drove every dictator or would-be dictator on Earth into a permanent state of introspection.

Now, every one of the squirrelly bastards must ask himself this question "Do I really feel lucky?" and "Will I take one up the poop chute today?"

When America gave two "little bits" to the Japanese to end World War II, it wasn't the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that convinced Hirohito to surrender.

It was this fact.

The only reason he wasn't toast was that the Americans needed him to formally surrender. Otherwise he was going to get the "Atomic Enema". He knew this as well as he knew his own mortality.

Five decades of relative peace have ensued since the bomb hydrogenated. Nobody even dares to talk of H-war.

Think about it.

If you were a dictator and planned to "ace", say, New York City with the big H, do you really think you could turn your back on your own generals? As soon as they knew you were serious you'd get greased by any one of them since NONE of them would support a move that must inevitably lead to their own death.

There is no doubt about it ... because of the forsight and determination of Edward Teller, there wasn't any World War III and you are alive today as testament to that fact whether you acknowledge it or not.

Thank you , Mr. Teller

Woman of the Century

Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand

This woman was villified throughout her life and even after! What a compliment! She had a number of traits which served to distance people from her and she demanded of friends an ability to see, understand and accept her point of view which would be unacceptable to any autonomous being, i.e. she was extremely hard to get along with.

Now, go read her books and tell me this was not the most intelligent and honorable woman imaginable. Under the seething anger was this beautiful caring being that never had the opportunity to get out.

You can't be hard and soft at the same time "A is A".

She is solely responsible for shoring up and strengthening the moral foundation of western civilization to a degree sufficient to ride out the cold war. I commend her spirit with the greatest admiration possible.

Asshole of the Century

Harvard University
Harvard Law School

In all the Earth's history there is no one with less respect for "the law" than myself. It is ZERO.

Criminals don't disrespect law so much as themselves and others. I, on the other hand, do respect myself and others and therefore wish to eliminate the concept of law ... to banish it from civilization entirely. Not to change ... but to expunge.

Harvard Law School is the embodiment of this form of evil. It is the logical descendant of the Code of Hammurabi ... The Magna Carta ... The "Expanded" Constitution of the United States . I chose it as Asshole of the Century not so much for what it has done ... but rather ... for what it has prevented by underwriting its antithesis, i.e. rational government.

The purpose of this "garbahge" is to write down every stinking piece of twaddle as though it were the word of God. Now every politico and legal schmeeze generator can look upon himself as the nuevo Holy Man ... "Worship me as I worship myself ... I am the center of the world."

Here's all the law you need ... AND ... you don't have to write it down.

  • Don't kill anybody
  • Don't knock somebody over the head and take his stuff
  • Don't rape the women
  • Don't beat up on kids and old people
  • Just the basic ...

    "Your rights end where another's begins"

    All that is required is the honest judgement of righteous men duly appointed as I have designated in my proposed constitution. No need to codify every silly legal idea for posterity. Judge - appeal - judge - appeal - end of story. Every case judged on its own merits without reference to "what others have done".

    My concept of government can never co-exist with hallowed "Halls of Trash" such as Harvard Law School. The two modes are mutually exclusive.


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