Screw Britannica
the encyclopedia

his is the last straw. I've had it with big companies that see fit to "take over" my computer. Here's the latest insult.

Installed Encyclopedia Britannica (Christmas gift) and got a big slap in the face. They "adjusted" MY internet explorer 5.0 to suit their own ends ... rendering it unusable to me. They committed this effrontery deep in the registry so that I would have to take a course at Microsoft University in order to fix it. The other option is the dreaded reformat.

Details :

Across the top of IE5 is now "Internet Explorer brought to you by Encyclopedia Britannica" [and I thought it was a Microsoft product] ... but I could live with that. And ... they made themselves the default site rather than my home page on my hard drive ... but I could live with that too (it's easy to change back).

But ...

They made the browser window "un-resizeable", i.e. it's either full screen ... or ... minimized. Now this I can't take. Having a window sized to my specs is critical to the way I make a web page. So, I was ready to shitcan the entire hard drive to get it back up to par.

Fortunately, after having a coffee and calming down a little, I went back to the keyboard and loaded it again ... and ... it worked correctly.

"Why, says I? What does coffee have to do with software?" ... I mean real coffee. Well, it turns out that I loaded a second copy. The first was still unresizeable, but the second was usable.

So, all I have to do now (as long as I own this computer) is load two copies of IE5 and kill the first. Isn't that wonderful?

This was done on purpose by Encyclopedia Britannica which apparently (like most big companies) considers your use of their product as a license to "take over" your computer. There are numerous examples of this. No doubt, you have had similar experiences. I just quit AOL for similar reasons.

I call these criminal attacks (no better than malicious virus attacks) ... "spiking" ... after the infamous Ty Cobb who used to slide into 2nd base and attempt to injure the defending player with his spikes. This particular incident might more aptly be called "blocking".

Now, I find that my other most needed program (HtmlTool) is keyboard disabled. I must now use the older Htmlwriter (Nosack) to make my pages.

Don't know what caused this unhappy state ... but ... I know it was from one of my installations during the Holiday. Can't they even leave a simple text program alone?

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