Burgers from Hell
so ... you're a lard ass

'm getting a little more pissed off at lawyers than usual concerning the fat lawsuit against McDonald's. Somebody eats like a pig then sues for compensation because he now looks like the aforementioned animal. For cripe sakes!

There is nothing wrong with McDonald's food

... Except that it tastes like cardboard. But that's another issue. I just go to Wendy's (occasionally) and eat me a nice big (cheap) baked potato ... and ... I eat the skin too. I like a little dirt with my meal because ... I'm a "real" man.

There are no "empty calories". A calorie is just that ... a measure of heat production. When they say empty, they mean that you don't get any vitamins? ... minerals? ... magic? ... just what are they talking about? If you eat just what you need in the way of calories (plus some supplimental vitamins), you won't get fat. You'll be OK and that's the end of it.

Empty calories is a relative term.

Apparently in America empty calories means anything with meat on it. I guess a salad is "full"? Here are some people who would like some empty calories I think.

Mouse over and see what they have to say.

Well, I guess I was wrong.
Who woulda thought?
Go figure ...

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