IRS E-file
It sucks the big monkey

his year, I decided to file my income tax the EZ way (according to the IRS income tax mag rag. I went to and spent the better part of an hour looking for the simple form I needed to file my tax. From one web page to another, from directions to help pages to "Partners" pages ... I perused the necessaries for filing on line. To my amazement ...

There is no simple form.

Why? Why do I need to "download software" or use (for free) the software of one of the "partners"? Just what the hell is going on here?

This is clearly a major screw job

Obviously I don't need any software. I just need a 1040A like 90% of American taxpayers. Maybe some "for hire" tax consultant might need such sophisticated tax software ... who intends to way into the Stygian labyrinth of the IRS ... ford the river Stix without tendering his coin ... and do battle with the Cretan Bull of Byzantine rules, obscure, self-referential logic and mutually contradictory codes ...

But I won't go there.

All I need is a common, fill-in-the-blanks form page just like every other business on the web uses. I need the 1040A paper form projected onto my monitor. I type in the relevant numbers and Uncle Sam figures it out. Actually, I figure it out by looking on the tax schedule (just like in the book). The only new thing I need is the 5-digit, on-line "pin number" that the IRS now offers in lieu of a signature. That's fine. I'd go for that. So where is it?

Not to be found

There is no such native form on the IRS site. Could it be that the IRS does not have the resources to hire programmers to write code for them. They can't even put up a common form page? Or ... Could it be that the IRS has no tax program of its own!? It needs to use "partners" in private enterprise to tackle the really big programming issues of "database management" and "computer input-output" or maybe the IRS cannot handle the difficult mathematics like ... addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?

Why don't I just send them the input (via a form) ... and ... they use their own software to verify my tax return? According to their specifics, they have the ability to remove or add money to my checking account if I but give them the account and routing numbers. But they need "partners"?

Sad to say, but it looks like fraud to me

Apparently money has changed hands between the IRS and certain elements of private enterprise, i.e. the "partners". Or ... maybe everybody just OD'd on stupid pills. Instead of taking the regular "One-A-Day", they wolfed down the whole bottle (for efficiency).

(rather than partial stupidity)

I just got out the paper and did the whole thing by hand as I usually do (in 20 minutes) and sent it in for 34 cents. What could be easier ... hmmmm ... I know ... a 1040A form ... on-line !