Social Masterbation

t often occurs that one is "tongue tied" at the sight of that which has not been formally identified by the general culture. We sense that the thing should be vigorously opposed yet we say nothing because ... well ... what ... exactly ... are they doing ??? All we can do is grit our teeth and wait for someone to speak the correct words ... identify the proper concepts.

Once this is accomplished, we are free to verbalize our objections in our own unique way, adding new shades of meaning and views from a multitude of perspectives which serve to delimit, delineate and finally delete the offending activity (usually by simple social pressure which is actually the most effective way of changing any culture).

Such is the case with a common activity (especially in modern cultures) which I have come to know as "social masterbation". My designation is not a joke and is not meant to denegrate the activity ... though it certainly does. It is simply the most accurate short definition I can think of which fits the "shoe".

What I mean by social masterbation is the group analog to the individual act. It has a sexual nature at the perceptual level not the conceptual level (raw animal sex rather than love). This is best explained by example.

There are certain television talk shows which everyone complains about. You know the type (no names here).

There is a moderator, the Master Bater whose primary task is to bate the guests and audience into a pseudo-sexual frenzy culminating in an orgasm of me-too-ism. It is analogous to sex because the same goal is obtained at the perceptual level which is to confirm ones existence as a living being, i.e. "I exist". (as opposed to romantic love/sex which obtains "I exist and I am good")

What the group obtains is an objective demonstration of its own existence as that group. More accurately, it demonstrates that this group of non-thinking beings is a valid, viable entity worthy of venturing into the world of political/social/scientific!? thought ... without thought.

(No independent minds go to these shows. Ever. Neither do they watch except to sample for classification purposes or by accidental channel surfing. Group me-too-ism is antithetical to individualism. Oil & water.)

Forget the subject matter of the show. It doesn't matter. Every show is the same show. The subject is the "McGuffy" (the football - not the game).

Afterwards ....... no satisfaction (just like the individual act) for after all we are conceptual beings. There is no escaping ones nature. We can only exist and move as a group if all the individuals happen to be moving independently in the same direction.

The individual cannot follow ...
he can only lead ... himself.


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