JFK Assassination
conspiracy or ... no?

Who Killed JFK?

Lee Harvey Oswald . . . . . . . .
But . . . alone? . . . without outside encouragement? . . .

he purpose of this page is to see if it is possible (philosophically, psychologically or politically) that other players were involved. Most other accounts focus on physical possibilities-anomalies and associations-who knew what when.

There are, however, three items of the former type that do stand out as indicative of conspiracy. These are:

  • The archiving (for 50 years) of information related to the assassination by Lyndon Johnson. What's there that we don't already know?
  • The "delivery" of the victim to the assassin (Oswald) without necessitating any "extra"action on his part. (All he had to do was go to work that day.)
  • The appearance of "unidentified" individuals (with automatic weapons) on the grassy knoll where many people thought shots came from (many of whom ran in that direction as evidenced by motion pictures of the post-event).
Although I personally believe that Mr. Oswald acted alone, I have constructed the only conspiracy theory which I believe is remotely possible in the philosophical-phychological-political sense. Certainly, there are many other viable physical-associational theories.
To have a conspiracy on this scale requires more than two or three individuals. We're talking "organization" here. The relevant possibilities are:
  1. Russian government (sponsored)
  2. Cuban government (sponsored)
  3. Organized crime
  4. C.I.A
  5. F.B.I
After 34 years, I don't think anyone else can be added to this list. I am thinking here in terms of "capability".

If ... conspiracy
Then ... one (or more) of these.

Russians or Cubans . . . acting alone

Not likely. What is to gain? Governments which are not autocracies do things by a consensus of opinion among those vying for leadership. Each individual must ask himself how the given action will hurt-help his chances of gaining the top spot. Killing an American president is certain to do only this ... You will get somebody (more or less) like the guy you just knocked off ... only he'll be "pissed" off when he finds out who did it. It would have to be a dire emergency for the Russians or any other country's government to 'ace' a president.

The first two options really aren't viable. (One might make a case for Castro retaliation but the attempts by Kennedy to assassinate him were fairly crude and comical. He might get mad but think better of it later.)

Organized Crime?

Gimme a break.
These "wise guys" couldn't pull off a sock. Killing the president and getting away with it is way, way, way out of their league (and they know it). If it were so. the heat on them (from the CIA, FBI, NSA and Secret Service would become so great that they would turn in their own mother (anonimously, of course).

And ... think about this ... the trigger man would KNOW that he was going to be "rubbed out" after the hit. After all, this is the mob. Double cross is the standing order of the day. Who would be stupid enough yet competent enough to do the job?

True, they did in Jimmy Hoffa but he was a lesser figure and those who did it have already given their rendition of what happened (trouble is there are ~128 renditions).

CIA ...

It boils down to CIA since the FBI is too provincial to think in terms of killing even a small time politician. (I mean ... nobody in the FBI thinks globally ... and that's what will get a president or any major "leader" killed. "We've got to do this to save the world from ____ [fill in blank].")

The Plot and the Reason

The personal history of Oswald "smells" of disinformation and misdirection. All these leads and connections to the underworld, Cuba, Russia. You could go off on a tangent for many years only to come back and start off on another. The true "plot" (if there is one) is layered under all this "garbage" and remains untouched (till now? ;-)

I see an "M5" type creation here and, if I am right, it is the most subtle conspiracy ever constructed.

If the CIA (as a government entity) killed Kennedy, the reason must have been "patriotic", i.e. those involved believed, sincerely, that what they were doing was in the best interest of the country. They could not / would not do such a thing in retaliation for the Bay of Pigs indiscretion for instance. The people in the CIA are by and large honest and patriotic. To create a large conspiracy within these ranks would require a VERY LARGE ISSUE to even generate talk of assassination.

The only issue large enough to kill the president over is

nuclear war.

Recall that President Kennedy was a "loose cannon". He tried to assassinate people (illegally) all over the place. This is what caused the Cuban missile crisis in the first place. So my only possible conspiracy theory involves the naval blockade of Cuba.

Remember that "indirect dealings" went on to resolve this matter (with reporters ... !?). Now understand that nuclear weapons are "portable". (Elsewhere I have alluded to the fact that Soviet nuclear weapons were installed within the United States during the cold war ... but nobody said anything about a "first strike with NO warning". )

This was the reason for SAC and the Polaris fleet. In fact, the Soviet Union could have blown up Washington in about 10 nanoseconds after making the fateful decision. Of course, we would have retaliated - big time.)

Recall also that Krushchev may have "tottered" a bit in the power structure at the time. If the more macho generals saw weakness in "the man", they may have seen an opportunity for advancement (Soviet leaders had many enemies - murder was the norm - evidence Stalin). So these generals are making the backdoor deals through the reporters and what we don't know is ............

"We'll turn back the ships but ...
that sucker is dead meat (JFK) ...
or else Washington goes boom, boom."

Now if you are CIA and have recently "soiled" your pants over the blockade-nuclear war issue, you might be willing to talk up the conditions. (Especially if you had recently lost confidence in your "chief", -read Bay of Pigs)

So the deal is made. CIA to Soviet Generalship:
"Krushchev remains as a not-so-hard-line adversary, there is no nuclear war and we (CIA) ax the prez within ~some months."
And some minor conditions for "public consumption" are also made.

Plot . . . . . . .

"We have a perfect candidate for the job. His name is Lee Oswald. He has the necessary qualifications. It will look like a lone assassin."

Yes, they are aware of this guy and so set up a psychological funnel to guide him into position where nature will just take its course.

These people must have been CIA agents:
The woman who suggested that Oswald apply for a job at the Texas School Book Depository and at least one person working in the Depository at the same time as Oswald (to monitor his behavior)

For those unfamiliar with Dealy Plaza, the route taken by the president (by the School Book Depository) is the standard means of getting to northbound Stemmons freeway. You make an odd turn which takes you by the "fateful" window (and it's as fine a shooting angle as anyone could want).

There is however, a more direct route to northbound Stemmons. Go straight under the bridge, go the wrong way on the Main street entrance ramp and get over to the Stemmons entrance. To do this, you would have to block off that entrance and make a tight right hand turn ~300 degrees onto the wrong way ramp. But ... this possibility is foiled by an anomalous extended curb which makes turning a limo extremely difficult. This curb preempts the possibility of the motorcade going that way and forces the route directly to the Depository (going the other way would have made for an impossibly long shot - maybe 800 feet instead of 150).

For this reason, I conjecture that the indicated curb was installed in September or October of 1963 to force such a route. Good luck finding records that old.

Now, when the motorcade passes Oswald's place of employment he feels that it is his time in history, he has been selected by the gods (after all the President is coming to him not the other way around as is always the case in other assassinations - even J.W.Booth had to go somewhat out of his way). And look at that shot loft "right where I'm working! Nobody around ... they're all on their lunch breaks downstairs waching the president ... DIE!"

The first shot is the "commitment shot". It's meaning is - am I going to do this - yes? or no?

The second shot is the "ranging shot". It's meaning is - I'm not accustomed to shooting from this high angle - what are the necessary physical adjustments?

The third shot is the "resolution shot". It's meaning is - This is what I am - an agent of history - I am important.

At this point, given the complex capabilities of the human mind, the president's only hope is for a simple misfire which seldom happens. His goose is cooked - by the CIA acting with patriotic rectitude.

Oswald has no plan to escape. He has given it no thought. This is why he leaves his wedding ring and little cash for Marina. But he now thinks- " I must run away" and does so in the totally chaotic-confused manner of an adrenalin high. He gets away from the crowd and begins to hear the click of his heels on the pavement (the sharp crisp sound of complete confidence). Tippit has the misfortune of stopping him in this state - "Who are you to stop ME ... I've just killed the president and YOU are going to stop ME?"

To survive, Tippit would have had to use lethal force right off the bat which would have been totally at odds with his training. He did his job ... too well.

Oswald expends the remainder of his "high" fighting police in the movie theater where he is apprehended. Later, he says, "... I'm just a patsy ..." to the cameras ... and he means it. He senses that everything is too perfect and the results too predictable. "Someone must have set this up ... I've been had". But he doesn't know who or what has "got him".

Grassy knoll ......

It is certain that there were people with automatic weapons in the parking lot behind the grassy knoll. Who were they?

If they were not players, they could only have been Secret Service agents screwing off on the job. This would be the only reason for not coming forward and saying "We were in the parking lot drinking beer while the president was being assassinated.". Not coming forward indicates guilt of some sort.

Whoever was there knows he was there.

If players, what was their function?
Insurance against a failed shot. They may have shot but to me the 3rd shot looks like a rear shot with convulsive recoil by the back muscles. In any case, they might also have fired a distraction round. This would be to help Oswald escape from the Depository. To escape is a good thing for the conspirators - time - any time at all - helps to cover tracks - to think and do about loose ends that inevitably crop at the crime scene.

The Archived Info .....

If CIA did the job for patriotic reasons, they would have done so ONLY after informing the vice president of the whole setup. To do otherwise would have been considered by them to be treasonous. Remember, these are patriots loyal to the Constitution yet forced to violate it. They would do so only with Johnson's sanction. And now LBJ must safeguard the nation from this "horror" (imagine killing the beloved icon, the good looking prez with the popular wife, etc.).

50 years means some of the couple of dozen or so conspirators were in their late twenties. This gives them enough time to live out their lives and most people who really care about the issue will also be long gone.

When the 50 years is up, what will we learn? ...
I can answer this without fear of being wrong.
We wil learn ..........

Absolutely ... nothing.

For, even if I am right, there is a universal trait among politicians to cover their misdeeds (perceived or real). They will say to themselves,

"We can say that there is no new information in these archives ... no one can say otherwise ... we must protect the country from this knowledge ... from this loss of confidence in their elected leaders.".

And if there is indeed nothing new ... same, same, all same.

Epilogue .....

I think I am "reaching" pretty far for this but it's the only theory I can conceive of that is both conspiratorial and large enough to cause the given effect.

Personally, I think that the true conspirator is simple chance. Shit happens and there is nothing anyone can do about it because it isn't always man generated. Events and probablilities can conspire to make us a winner in the lottery or rob us of someone we care about.

Still ..........

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