Medical Scams
government sponsored

he medical profession is being destroyed by interference in the guise of "making it safer for the people". It is done in association with the legal profession and the insurance industry just as is the case with auto insurance.

Here we see from a new vantage point, the largest and most lucrative con game ever perpetrated in the history of civilization. The "mafia" salivates like a dog when contemplating this "el supremo hose job". No weapons are necessary and there is no threat of incarceration. Because ... \ tada / ... this scam is under the protection of (and is encouraged by ... yay say I ... even mandated by) ...

The protector of all that is righteous in life ...

your wonderful government.

Insurance has "branched out"

The basic plot of the insurance/lawyer/politician triangle is the same. Beef up the number of law suits as well as the judgements. The cost of insurance rises, the cost of medics increases, lawyers fees skyrocket and the "public trough" foots the bill.

Everyone involved in any given scam gets a cut.

  • The plaintiff gets a big windfall for a broken toe.
  • The lawyer gets a big fat fee.
  • The insurance company (which pays out) gets to hike its rates and makes out even better in the long run.
  • The judge and/or politician gets his 'kickback' ... er ... uh ... campaign donation.
And what is accomplished toward the development, furtherance and maintenance of civilization?

Absolutely ... Nothing

Money is transferred ... from one pocket to another without the creation of any goods or necessary services whatsoever. People actually live off this. And live very well. Doing nothing. Producing nothing.

Dental costs have risen about a thousand percent in the last 15 years. What used to cost twenty dollars now costs twenty dollars + (another $180 kicked in by your "insurance plan"). Do you see what I mean? Has your income risen 1000% in the last 15 years? No? Maybe about 75%? What do dentists do which is so wonderful as to demand such an increase?

Can other dentists take their place at lower rates? NO.

The government prevents this by placing conditions on being a dentist in America. You have to go through a process of certification to be a dentist ... to protect the public ... from bad dentists ... the ones who pull the wrong teeth ... but NOT the ones who are pulling your wallet.

What hell is a dental plan anyway? How can you get insurance for a 'chronic' condition ? If you know that you're going to have to pay out, say, $600 per year for dental costs why buy insurance and cut in a middleman, the insurance agent? What do you need him for? Well, the dentist needs him to increase costs above market acceptability. You're willing to pay $20? It's still twenty (you don't pay the extra $180 ... the insurance pays it).

Or does it?

Somehow, some way YOU GOT TO PAY .

How does a law suit better the condition of medicine? Does it teach the doctors a lesson? By making them pay? Or does it just increase malpractice insurance and you pay more each time you go for a checkup? Who's getting rich here? Doctors? Which doctors...? Civilization? ... We're all better off for it?

NO ...

All this crap does is drive off the honest doctors whose places are taken by quacks who couldn't care less except for the big check they're going to get from the insurance company ... your insurance company ... to pay your medical bill ... so the doctor can pay his high malpractice insurance company ...

This is called a circle jerk

You're the jerk.

The Solution

  • The government must never mandate insurance by law for any reason under any circumstances.
  • There must be an end to the very concept known to you as lawsuit. A lawsuit is a vacuum invented by lawyers to suck your wallet. It does civilization no more good than a "lotto". It just transfers money from a general pool to an individual ... it's a "selective dole".
  • The government must protect the public from both quacks and thieves masquerading as doctors ... or ... better yet ... do nothing at all and let the market have it's way. If prices are too high ... new blood will enter the profession at cheaper rates. And people will buy ... and they will get ripped off and someone will pull the wrong tooth ... but they will have a choice.

I had a great idea ... medical/dental vacations. Go to Mexico, Peru, Outer Mongolia, Samarkand, Thailand, Zimbabwe ... get medical treatment, etc.
With money saved you can take your recovery lying on the beach watching bikinis dance in the sunset. Why not? Other countries have excellent doctors (after all they trained here) ... just not as many. And not for open heart surgery ... just the standard, well understood treatments.

This is a good business ... people already make trips to other countries to buy prescription drugs ... cheaper ... no insurance company middlemen to pay off ... no way to sue anyone ... no lawyers to pay ... no government protection.

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