Two Cars
in every garage

have one car.

I would like to have a spare.

But I don't ... because of

G-dam Car Insurance

If one could buy car insurance for oneself and one's passengers regardless of the car you were driving, instead of for the other guy, the following would happen.

  • You could own as many vehicles as you could afford
  • You would never be "without" a ride
  • You could shop around for a repair shop that did good work at a reasonable price ... not running around frantically taking any "shaft" just to get back on the road
  • As a result of the former ... car repair prices would go down
  • New car prices would go down
  • Used car prices would go down (leisurely, choosy shopping)
  • Lastly, we come to the reason why none of the former will happen ... Car insurance prices would plummet.

    And that, my friends, is the whole dirty sercret.

    The greatest swindle ever perpetrated in any civilization on Earth, growing exponentially, eviscerating the Republic, that silent outrage,
    The Tapeworm El Supremo, the




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