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rugs are for kids. I mean this ... (specifically, teenagers). By the time you're an adult you are no longer interested.

Why? What do drugs do? What is the attraction?

The clue which no one seems to notice isn't hiding out in the chemical/psychiatric archives.
They (users) tell you what the attraction is ...


So we have to ask - as a most general question - What makes people feel good? There's the choke point. If one wishes to end or militate against drug use one should be able to answer this simple question and upon that answer build a rational solution ... (or prove that there is no solution)

Of course the answer is simple or I wouldn't be making this page.

It has nothing to do with the drug itself. This only facilitates the "state of happiness". There is no pill and nothing to smoke which contains the ingredient "happy". This is one's emotional state when one's soul is clean, unfettered, and active. (See Nature of Man)

There are different sorts of drugs which seem to have differing effects ... like uppers and downers. But there is nothing which can get really specific.
This I believe to be impossible in principle.

WARNING ! to the terminally stupid ...

There is a third class of drug that just kills your brain (glue, paint fumes, etc.). I knew someone who did "Bactine" and was dead a couple days later. On second thought if you're that stupid , you're probably better off dead, ... eh? ... ; )

So how does any drug do this?

A drug is not a highlighter pen
which locates and illuminates your soul.

Rather, a psychoactive drug depresses the activity of your mind so that only the most reinforced concepts are available to compose consciousness (that element of you which is always "watching"). These are the things you learned as a child. Simple things like 1+1=2 ... the sky is blue ... adults are "full of it".

What the drug taker seeks is to return to the toddler stage when life was beautiful, exciting, fun ... to escape from the world of bulls__t, irrationality, negative feedback from parents, and the responsibility of being an adult (a horrible thing for a teenager to contemplate). To accomplish this - just take the appropriate quantity of the designated drug and back you fly back to yesteryear.

There is another 'druggy'.

There are those who wish to escape that which is good in life. They have no intention of stopping off at the toddler stage and having a good laugh. They must go deeper ... into the fetal stage ... where there is nothing at all ... a state as close to death as possible.

These are the people who end up not waking up (the O.D.s). Here is the origin of the premise that marijuana leads to hard drugs.
They do ... in this type.
The former type user rejects heavy use because it is the antithesis of his goal.

So if a person od's on drugs ...
He is a person of no present value to society and probably would never be.

I don't shed a tear for any of them (nor for suicides).

The Price of a Drug High

The apparent happiness that one achieves through the use of drugs is like taking out a loan. You must pay it back later with the "blahs" (a drawn out form of un-happiness).

Well, doesn't it make sense?

Joy and sadness are ying and yang. You can't have one without the other since each defines the other. Wouldn't someone who walks around with a smile on his face all the time be odd ... possibly pregnant ... maybe a Mormon in Salt Lake City? Seriously, no one can be happy all the time ... existence doesn't work that way. Unless you have something to compare a thing to, it wouldn't be a noteworthy state at all ... just plain, vanilla "consciousness".

So no matter how much drug you take you will end up "getting used to it" and needing to take more to get 'high'.

That this be true is necessitated by the very core logic of existence .

And if you take too much (to where it interfers with normal body functions) ... you are in big trouble ... financially as well as physically.

But unlike a loan, you can't default, declare bankruptcy and start over. You can, if you like, take withdrawal symptoms or ... the one form of default permitted ... death.

There is another price of drug use.

Which is ... that this inane, innocuous, adolescent activity is used by evildoers (politicians, etc.) as a club to beat the s__t out of civilization.

By artificially maintaining a high drug price ($) the pols are able to create an entire army of thugs to harass and destroy the lives of honest men. To reduce the "drug problem" to a minimum it is only necessary to ignore it. It won't go away ... it will just be far less destructive ... by orders of magnitude.

The fact that such a small thing has been blown up so big is hardly an accident of misjudgement. It is cold, calculated evil perpetrated with full conscious intent. For there are none who read this who do not know fully its meaning.

Wheresoever adults shine the light of their attention ... there will the children dance.

So if you want more drug use or more teen pregnancies, just make that the "most important problem of civilization" and all your kids will focus their activity there (for or against) in order to be "where it's at". And, of course, if you want better mathematicians or basketball players or doctors ... well, do the same in that subject. Ignore the subject and your kids will also (to the maximum extent possible). You, as an adult, are the sole determinate of what is truly IMPORTANT.

Does your mind function better or worse on drugs?

My considerable youthful (no needles) experience says neither. Of course you can't drive a car or do other motor functions as well ... but it sure seems as though your intellectual functions are enhanced ... (that's because you have the concentration of a toddler - complete). But after closer examination (next day or later), I always found my ideas were actually no better or worse than otherwise.

I have no further desire to partake of "the weed". I am done with that part of life. Cuz ... well ... ya' know ... like ...

Drugs are for kids


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