Biological Robots

hat's this about the dawn of the age of robotics? We've had robots for hundreds of years right here in America. They're called


Yes folks, the secret is out. They are "non-living" entities (in the sense commonly understood to be meant by the majority of visitors to these pages).

Forsooth ... am I being facetious? Nay, me hearty mates, sez I. Tiz a truism. They be dead'ns or I be blasphemin' !

Yes, politicians are not strictly speaking (in terms of mental development) living beings. They lack the human facility of reasoning conceptually. They are perceptual beings only ... like a dog or cat. But ... they are not animals. Animals have an excuse - their nature. A politician is an entity which has lost his standard of conceptual integration ... his soul (as described in Nature of Man).

Since they lack this all important tool, they are utterly incapable of generating new ideas of an inductive nature. They may only deduce from what nature has provided them with ... by the method of free induction - like an animal.

This is why a rational being (one with an active properly functioning soul) cannot converse with these "people".

Talking to a politician is no different
than talking to an empty chair.

They are robots.

They are biological.

Hence, they are ... (my terminology) ...

~ Biobots ~

And for this reason one should never get mad at them (the non-living). Nor should one engage in a conversation with them (you demean your humanity through the expenditure of fruitless effort ... analogous to kicking an uncooperative vending machine).

Nor is it sensible to appeal to the good offices of these "things". They are out to lunch. There is nobody home in there.

You will notice that there has been no basic improvement in the Constitiution since it was adopted. The reason is simple ... they cannot INDUCE a "new folder" only new 'files'. They make up variations on old themes ... never new themes. They are fundamentally incapable of induction.

They have never done it in the past ... they do not do it now ... and they will never do it in the future.
There are gradations in "biobotics". There are variations. Some have fleas ... others not.

The peoples sees 'em for what they are (at least subconsciously). Hence, the election of Bill Clinton.

This bot is written in minimal code ... just enough to get elected. He wants to:

  • Be popular and important
  • Be the center of attention
  • Get a few B-jobs now & then
That's all. He has no political agenda. He will do whatever it takes to obtain his small goals. No incongruity or inconsistency is too great to dish up for public consumption.

This is why he was elected.

He isn't out to "remake" the world in his own image because he doesn't have one ... at least nothing permanent.

Therein lies the failure of Bob Dole(ful)... a much more elaborate and complicated "botcode" - actually biobot-bloatware. This guy was programmed to visit his "Gothic" agenda on the entirety of the civilized world (if possible). And the people knew it. So they elected Bill instead because he has nothing to offer ... has no definite plans ... just wants a lil' suck now & then.

He was helped in his bid for the presidency by his ability to play the saxophone ... which means, at some point in his life he actually had some "thoughts" which were his own, i.e. he did do some induction ... enough to acquire a skill.
This shows that the judgement of the American people is still reasonably sound. Knowing that nothing can be accomplished in politics, they opted for a "vacuum". We have now eight years of fumbling inefficient government instead of eight years of concerted attempts to strip every last vestige of freedom from our memories.

This is much better than malevolence.
Don't you think so? ... I do .

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