The Proper Use of Foul Language

ow many times have you heard this? What does it mean? What are we talking about? Is there a place in civilization for foul language? If so what is it? Why won't it just go away? ........

Certain "gutter" words are reserved for three reasons:

  • As a warning/prelude to physical conflict
  • As an enhancement to sexual pleasure
  • As an "embellishment" to camaraderie
    between members of the same sex .

Well now ... there are stages of conflict.
There is discussion
followed by argument
followed by name calling & foul language
followed by pushing & shoving
followed by fisticuffs
followed by weapons use
followed by the death struggle.

As we progress down the list our options narrow and there are fewer instances of each class.

This makes sense.

There are lots of conflicts but if all or even many led to death, most of us would be dead already. All species of animals have gradations of anger. Should we be different? Which stage should we eliminate? Would this not then leave less options? Would we not be the worse for it?

Why do people focus on "foul language"?

I believe it is because we see discussions and small arguments as being the normal background of our culture. We see enough of this . But it doesn't often reach the level of bad language (most matters are resolved before this stage). We rarely, if ever, actually see a physical assault. So this is not in "conscious expectation". Our expectation extends only to foul language ... and we don't want it to go that far ... 'cause that's the "pits".

We are forced to pay attention to the loose lip in the manner of an unwanted telephone call or a car screeching its tires (will it hit me? I must look).
Well, cut it out and start "expecting" ... what? ... knife/gunplay ... Is this a good deal? No? I thought not. So ... learn to live with some foul language, 'cause it ain't gonna' f___n' go away.

Human beings are animals.

As such, we celebrate our natures.

This is good. We are what we are and we cannot escape ourselves. But it is mainly our nature to be a conceptual being with a "soul" (unlike a perceptual animal). Therfore, problems arise when one "leads" one's life with one's animal nature. It is only appropriate to celebrate one's "animal" as a

"seasoning on the steak of life"

. Wow ! ... did I say ^that^?

Foul language serves, therefore, to enhance sexual pleasure in the animal sense. "You fall in love ... then ... RIP HER APART ... ARRRGH... ."

This is true now, was in the past and will always be true in the future. (by The Nature of Man).

Lastly, when in the company of the same sex, 'lighthearted' foul language serves to show one's comrades that one is "verbally disarmed".

We don't have to show how comfortable we are with our friends by "removing our physical weapons and throwing them on the table for all to see" because we don't have any in everday settings.

In mixed company, the use of foul language is generally meant to degrade women through social domination since it is a form of agression, i.e. a male perogative. It is therfore inappropriate in this context because the female counterpoint is to withdraw from the field, i.e. deprive the male of her companionship (in other words, if you want the female to leave ... why did you invite her in the first place?).

In the company of strangers, foul language is inappropriate because the context of social living is then made non-conformal (not even ... not flat). A person caught in this situation thus doesn't know what is going on socially ... doesn't know what "sticks out" as a point of discussion rather than "background" ... This situation is unstable and therefore uncomfortable and should be avoided.

"So git outta' here
& go f__k yourself"

See? In the company of strangers it's bad.

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