Titanic Errors

he movie Titanic was a fine recreation of the event. It will forever serve as a memorial to the "functional stupidity" of even the most experienced men of the sea.

Let's face it.

McGiver would have had no trouble at all
surviving such a protracted melodrama
on a calm ocean.

Herein lies the attraction of the sinking. It took nearly three hours. Plenty of time for multiple dramas to occur or to be imagined to occur. The Lusitania couldn't generate the interest of Titanic because it went down toooooooo fast. No time for the complex interplay of courage - cowardice - chance - and yes, blatant stupidity.

In two hours I could have easily thrown one ton of floating debris off that ship. No problema. There were 1000 men on that ship ... at least. 1000 x 2000 = 2 million pounds of floating trash to stand on and live.

Couldn't these "sailors" conceive of a flotsam raft?
Good God ... Did they even try? Apparently not ... or they wouldn't have died.

How do you make one?

You need some rope to tie up a floating perimeter fence. Maybe take some deck chairs and weave a few fire hoses through 'em. Then start throwing crap inside that perimeter ... anything that floats. Fill out the interior. Pile it higher. Throw mattresses on top. Tie the interior stuff together as much as possible to make it stronger. Jump on ... make yourself comfortable and wait for the Carpathia.

A dozen organized groups of men could have done this. But nobody organized. Nobody had a clue. For over two hours the captain, knowing that the ship was sinking, failed to gets things gooing ... as did his officers. They were pathetic.

Apparently nobody understood that "wood floats". Wood doors, wood bedframes, wood dressers, wood tables, wood chairs, wood railings, wood flooring, wooden headed captains ... what sort of cargo was available? ... I wouldn't be surprized if they had a load of inner tubes and an air compressor.

Wood you just stand around
and wait for a watery grave?

I have no doubt that in two hours, 1000 men could have built flotsam rafts large enough to accomodate 5 times the number of people who died.

The homage paid to the "Titanic tragedy" (like the ridiculous wreath layings) is a mockery of human ingenuity and an insult to all others who have died since then (about 10 billion or so). Why are 1500 people dying together more important than any other group or individuals? Why am I expected to bow my head in grief for people I can't even begin to admire (because they didn't put out an honest effort to live).

How does one bow one's head to stupidity and keep a straight face? The Titanic was no more than a

"Ship of Fools"

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