Video Professor - Eat This
and 10-10-220  too

he video professor is pissing me off. You want to learn "Once and for all how to run a computer"?

"Try my product"

"I'm so confident ... I'll give it to you for free"

Sure he will ...

Just add a small charge for shipping and handling ...

only $6.95

Besso mi culo!

It costs no more than 85 centavos to rip, stuff and stamp that piece o' crapola ... and ... everybody knows it. Or do they?

Just what are you paying for anyway?

First and foremost ... you're paying for his profit. It's the shipping charge he's after. His product is free if you get the same or similar thing from Microsoft. Oh yeah ... some of it goes for advertising. He's so confident ... a sucker is born every minute. Reminds me of all the "learn English" scams that they pull on the unsuspecting Mexicans here. "Only $1500 and you'll be speaking yuz like de gringos, senoir". But you would do as well taking a night class at the local high school for free ... English as a second language ... like that.

And how about that damnable 10-10-220? They've got even more gall. 99 cents for the first twenty minutes ... sure. But what about the 1 minute call. "Sorry, Jake's not home. Can I take a message?" - $.99 And ... "This is Larry. Is Jake there yet?" ... "No, you just missed him" - $.99

Who's kiddin' who here? The short call (the one you most often make) is where the gravy is ... and don't you think they're gonna' advertise THAT? Bet yer arse they won't! Anyone with any common sense goes to Sam's next to WalMart and gets a calling card. My wife gets a card at the dollar store and calls Peru for about 12 cents a minute for Christ's sake. Why doesn't the government take out "anti-scam" advertising for this obvious crap? Hell, you can't watch five minutes before they have an anti-smoking ad. Do some real work Uncle Sam. Bust these schmucks.


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