World Trade Center
Problem and Solution

council for war ...

with some reservations.

My reservation lies in the distinction between terrorism and acts of war. This was most definitely NOT an act of terrorism. It is too large. The purpose of terrorism is to attract attention to one's political situation by stating in deeds that it's relative importance warrants violence. It is supposed to wake people up.

If the terrorism is too large, it not only wakes the opponent up ... it pisses him off resulting in the opposite of the desired effect ... which is to say, negative attention. Hmmmmm ...

Now, when you commit an act of war you generally have an army to back you up. You expect counterattack. These terrorists have no significant army ... so ... what might be backing them up? Where do they get the brass to make such an obviously terminal attack?

It may be that they now possess a few low grade nuclear weapons. Thus, they expect counterattack ... then they "up" the ante by detonating one of their hole cards taking out the center of some American city. And we get trumped again.

This can't stop us from retaliating. We must. But we must be prepared to go in for the full pot. We must be ready to lose a couple of cities with attendant loss of life ... and ... take the awful step of liquidating an entire culture. That is what it could come to.

I propose this solution.

The problem here is not bin Laden, or the Palestinians or the World Trade Center. The problem is Islam itself ... the core of their culture is aggressive and totally lacking in introspection.

To force them into introspection (to become more thoughtful and rational) requires that we alter their moral base. We must attack Islam itself in such a way as to cause the next generation of Arabs to question their moral precepts as all reasonable individuals must. Then, in ten or twenty years new people will resolve all the present problems in a peaceful manner. Right now, peaceful resolution is as impossible as two burly teenagers squabbling over a girl.

I suggest, upon confirmation that the act of war was indeed perpetrated by bin Laden, that the holy cities of Mecca and Medina be destroyed by "Biblical fire", aka: nuke 'em. I believe this will hit them where it hurts most. Some of the hardliners will get really nasty but it will take the wind out of those younger sails. After all ... How can Allah be all powerful and at the same time get nuked out of existence?

True. Mecca is in Saudi Arabia (an ally). But they are our allies for only one reason ... money ... it has made them cautious about losing. If they had no oil, they would be lining up with bin Laden as well. They are fair weather friends to be sure. If we continue with rounding up the usual suspects, most certainly (if they have not got them now), they will acquire nuclear weapons and they WILL use them and force us to send 'em all to Allah.

Let's cut their balls off now and we won't have to kill 'em all later.

On the Trade Center Itself

I lived 100 miles north of New York City for ten years and have been to the WTC many times because we took a commuter train to Hoboken and the Path train to WTC ... then subways to other points. I've been to the top of the Trade Center and it was just sickening to watch it fall down like that.

wtc.gif - 10kb I commend the engineers for the superb job they did. The building survived an impact with a commercial jet long enough for thousands of people to escape. Were it not for this sturdiness, many more thousands would now be dead. It was clear that what happened was that the rivets got hot and lost their strength as all metals do under such circumstances (maybe even melting). The most heavily loaded hot ones gave way and dropped the upper floors. The momentum of several floors of mass/weight was too much for the cool rivets and it came down like an elevator inside a banana peel.

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