World Trade Center Disaster miscellaneous notes - 09-13-01

oday they ordered 6000 body bags for the WTC. Perhaps they now have a reasonable estimate. This is too many yet far less than what would have occured had the buildings fallen immediately. Thank the engineers for the well constructed landmark if you are among the living who managed to get out.

The guys who "rushed" the cockpit and forced the crash in Pennsylvania are heroes of the Alamo type. It would be nice to know their names.


My stepdaughter noticed this. I suppose thousands of others did too but not I.
Many calls were made to 911 ... and ... that's the date of the disaster too. Wonder if the "things" planned it that way?

Wow! It never ceases to amaze me. The number of psychics who postpre-dicted the most dramatic and stressful single incident in American history. I'm deeply impressed. ( ! )     < )
Just look in the supermarket checkout counter ... next week.

WE have here at DFW airport new regulations prohibiting us from going to the boarding area unless we have a ticket. The purpose is to reduce the number of people they have to check at the metal detectors no doubt. Security is easier with reduced clutter.

I think this is unnecessary though.

What's really needed is a simple padlock on the cockpit door. If the pilots lock themselves inside the cockpit, no one can take physical control of the plane. It must be strong enough that "blowing" the door would cause the plane to crash.

There is a logic to this. If the terrorist wants to make the plane go to another destination, he can use the passengers as hostages to get his way. But if he absolutely needs to get into the cockpit it can only mean that he intends to use the plane as a missile. Therefore, nothing the terrorists says should induce a pilot to let him in since he would die anyway and many people on the ground as well. Better to die in control of the plane than let the terrorists use it as a weapon.

A bigger retrofit would place two doors with locks on each so that a stewardess could get into the space between the two locked doors and the cockpit door could then be opened to allow safe entry since the pilot could see she was alone. [Both locks controlled by the pilots from the cockpit]

Reprisal numbers have never been officially set by the US government. It would look like we were willing to kill innocent people. But we must be willing to do so at least in principle. Reprisal is in fact the formal antidote to terrorism. It has been used effectively many times and is historically effective. If you kill many innocent people in retaliation for any offense, that offense tends to be radically reduced. This is how the Germans kept the French resistance in check for four years and others as well.

My suggested reprisal ratios are 100/1 for civilians, 20/1 for military personnel in a non-combat situation and no reprisal for combat casualties. (America usually gets about a 7/1 kill ratio anyway ... probably higher now with high tech gear)

Thus, if there are 6392 dead here ... hmmmmm ... 6392 x 100 = 639200 Arab bodies are required to satisfy me. Since there are not six hundred thousand perpetrators, we must kill many innocent people to even the score.

We need to deter further attacks. Killing just the perpetrators will just make martyrs of them and we will get more of the same. Arabs must say to themselves "Because of Osama bin Laden my wife [ child, mother, etc.] is dead." This is the mentality of those who have been driven into introspection. They cannot do anything about their circumstances so they lash out at those closest to them who were in the causal chain.

The Islamic faith has much in common with the Japanese Bushido philosophy ... violent, racist, anti-rational, extremely mystical and other worldly based. You know what it took to "break" the Bushido philosophy and force the Japanese people into introspection. Now, they are our allies and are very good technicians. They have done righteous in the past five decades. The Arabs could do as well. But first we have to hurt them really bad.

What to do with space left?

WTC can't be rebuilt. No tenants would go there again and no employee in his right mind would be comfortable in a "stand out" structure which allowed no reasonable quick exit. The financial district has learned a lesson here and will "spread out" in the future to avoid a recurrence.

I think a memorial park is appropriate here. Rebuild the train station and mall below and ... above ... just a grassy treelined park with benches and a memorial. I think those two prominent pieces of the Trade Center that were still sticking out of the ground would be appropriate. And some kind of monument to the firemen and police who died trying to save others. There is a bronze soldier standing near the square. I saw his back in some amateur pictures. He should be moved to the square as a "guard". This would fill the philosophical void.

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