Bushido vs Islam

ere was a guy on the radio yesterday who said (incorrectly I think) that this attack was not an expression of Islam. In fact, it is. It is the purest form of Islam. It's not what's written in the Koran ... it's what's in the hearts and minds of Islamic people. Most Muslems are filled with hatred for America though they conceal it well (at least for television).

This does not mean that there are no "good" Muslems. There certainly are. That is why the religion has survived for so many centuries. You have to be good in order to make something ... anything ... live.

But goodness is not essential Islam.

The essential aspects of 'modern' Islam are:

  • Unquestioning Obedience ... ( Mindless adherence to Islamic rules )
  • Sexual Degeneracy ... ( Hatred of women )
  • Virulent Racism ... ( Dehumanization of the enemy )
  • Suicide ... ( Joyful acceptance of death in service of the deity )
  • Holy War ... ( Participation in same )
These are exactly the same essential attributes of the mutant Bushido philosophy in World War Two Japan.
  • Unquestioning Obedience ... ( Mindless adherence to a Bushido code )
  • Sexual Degeneracy ... ( Hatred of women )
  • Virulent Racism ... ( Dehumanization of the enemy )
  • Kamakaze ... ( Joyful acceptance of death in service of the Emperor )
  • Holy War ... ( Participation in same )
This is not a coincidence.

Rather, it is an indication of a common path taken in an unbalanced civilization. Why unbalanced? I can't say for certain but balance is the difficult state to achieve and hold.

Generally governments decay into either something too strong or too weak. These Arab states are too strong (just in their own minds though). In actual fact, the Taliban government would have trouble mounting a Jihad on an experienced Boy Scout troop. Their country is in the throes of self inflicted starvation brought on by their own genocide and ridiculous interpretation of the Koran.

There are only two basic types of "crazy" governments. They form the opposite ends of a spectrum of possibilities for really troublesome governments.
These are:
  • The Religious Loons
  • The Big Face Guys
Religious Loon governments are generally supported by their people who have been whipped into a religious or quazi-religious frenzy. The "enemy" is identified and all sorts of rational is brought out to support the idea that they are the cause of all the people's present troubles. Of course, their real trouble is the fact that they are loonies and are thus incapable of reason. And if you can't reason ... on this planet ... you're as good as dead.

Now all these loons have to do is kill the enemy and all their problems will be solved. The main trouble with that is that if you can't reason well, you can't have an effective army (like Saddam). In their "loonspeak", Jihad consists of a suicide charge of a bunch of mindless wackos armed with sticks with a nail on the end.

The Big Face Guys are governments generally not supported by the majority of the people. They just can't get rid of them. I call them the big face guys because they always have their mugs plastered all over the country (in pictures as big as they are capable of printing or painting) and people are supposed to venerate them as heroes. If you don't, you go to the Gulag or get your feet chopped off or some such nonsense. Hmmmmm ...

The philosophies of these types are: secular in the case of the BFGs and religious in the case of the RLs. The degree of damage that they do and the longevity of their regime dpends on the percentage of supporters in the populace and the strength of their armed support.

I say that they are the two ends of a spectrum because secular on the one side tends to blend into religious on the other. For instance, in Japan, the perverted Bushido Code of the Samurai (secular) is mixed with a perverted Zen Bhudism (somewhat religious) and Shinto (emperor worship - religious). This "concoction" produced the famous Bonzai charge ;o)

What destroyed the Bushido philosophy?

The Japanese soldier was one of the fiercest warriors ever produced on Earth. Their heinous deeds are so grotesque that Nazi observers in Nanking were "sickened". Here, 350,000 unarmed men, women and children were slaughtered in ways as diverse as they were evil.

Four years of war in a losing effort did not do stop them. They were going to fight to the death to defend their mainland and their emperor. Rather, two atomic bombs made their philosophy look as ridiculous as it was. It was over in minutes.

Unfortunately, when the war was over no one bothered to execute one to the prime culprits ... Hirohito. This war criminal was allowed to survive so that Japanese culture would not be totally destroyed. You see, they knew the importance of cutting off the philosophical base of a culture. The Bushido and Zen were gone but the Shinto remained. Now, we have the spectacle of a "modern" race of people working on computers and worshiping a man-god at the same time.

Kinda' reminds me of the Islamic guy aboard the space shuttle trying to find out which way was Mecca so he could pray in the right direction (while floating in the cabin ;o).
If Hirohito had been executed as he should have, the Japanese would have had to develop anew ... from philosophical "scratch". Instead they are still incapable of facing the acts of their army in Nanking and their culture is the ridiculous mishmash I call ... the Godzilla Culture.

Disarm your opponent philosophically and he is yours. No one fights on when the base of his culture has been pulled out from under him. The Japanese could no longer look outward at the "infidels" who were "less than dogs". The dogs crushed them with the product of reason allied with force. They were driven into introspection and remained there. It's the right place to be. It's how one comes to be a peace with the world and also how one knows the world (to better live in it).

Not all of Islam is bad

There are many kindly, introspective, just and good people who are Muslem. The trouble is that their religion is incompatible with modern civilization. It's a dark ages philosophy. It has shown itself to be capable of mass destruction as an end in itself. It has created Kamakasi's just like the Bushido "dungthink". It won't go away with four years of war either. Every battle we win will create more martyrs for Allah ... and ... this variant of Islam will get more perverse and obstinate. You have seen the fervor with which people in the street cheer on the destruction of western civilization.

What is to be done?

I don't wish to do any harm to these people at all. But I see that this isn't going to get the job done. For their own future security, they must be driven into introspection. This can be done by simply eliminating the seat of their religion ...

Mecca and Medina

This will pull the rug out from under all of Islam. It won't destroy the religion entirely ... only its bogus loon part. The true, introspective part of Islam will survive for many more centuries till it is gradually supplanted by whatever philosophy is best supported by scientifically discovered truths. Whatever that philosophy will be, we can be certain that it will be a "reasonable" one and not some sort of nut-loon religious crap or the worship of the picture of a man-god.

These loons have taken two of our "pillars" ...

Let's take two of theirs

The fact that both these cities are in the country of an ally (Saudi Arabia) does not bother me. They are fair weather friends at best. If they weren't getting filthy rich on that oil and had little to lose, they'd be on our backs as well.

Also, as the investigation proceeds, I am beginning to think that they may be at the core of responsibility. There are these facts. Most of the terrorists had Saudi or United Arab Emirates passports and visas. bin Laden is a Saudi, rich with oil money. Only three countries recognize the Taliban in Afghanistan. They are: Pakistan and our "allies", Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Looks pretty bogus to me.

Also ...

The first blast, directed at Mecca, is the statement that we are willing to use our greatest weapon against them. We're essentially cramming it down their throats. A few days should pass (ideally) to let the effects sink in (without comment from us).

Then, the second bomb takes Medina and the meaning here is, "We know what we did to you and how much it hurt you, but we don't care. We are ruthless. Your culture is in grave danger of total destruction.". Here we are essentially cramming it up their ass. I don't know any other way to put it. That's what was done to Japan. It worked.

After that, they will kill their own terrorists. Our policy now goes by the name ... reprisal.

I wake up cheerful and ready to get the day's work done
Then, I think,  "The World Trade Center is gone"
And I still find it hard to believe it happened
Then I see the buildings falling again
And then  I'm pissed off again
I don't like "pissed off"
Allah pisses me off
Fuck Allah

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