Understanding Islam

television special yesterday tried to give the viewer reasons why Islamic people detest western civilization. They began by simply stating that Islam "spread" out and then the "bad" crusaders went and "did 'em wrong". Which is to say, they imply evil as a property of Western culture first and foremost while good Moslem people merely react to our transgressions. Thus, a disservice was done to the viewer by not dealing with the essential violence of Islam which is in fact an integral part of their culture.

Of course, what they are trying to do is toe the line (the political line laid out by George Bush and company). Here I'm going to give you some observations which may show you the real nature of the enemy.

1) Actions speak louder than words.
On the list of those who are contributing to the relief effort, wouldn't it be comforting to see entries such as "Saudi Arabia has offered free jet fuel to American air carriers for one year" or "Sheik Bonzai of the United Arab Emirates has given $1 billion dollars to the NYC relief effort." Of course, we don't hear about such donations ... because ... there aren't any.

2)Let's put the shoe on the other foot.
Two Saudi jet liners are hijacked by American extremists and plow into the new Islamic towers that were just constructed (the ones with the bridge between them). Both towers fall down and thousands are killed. Hmmmm ...

All Americans would be shamed, mortified and disgusted by these acts and the fullest cooperation of all branches of government would be called into play to identify the culprits and bring to justice their entire terrorist organization. Contributions would come from all over the United States and the US would pledge funds to rebuild and assist those harmed and and the families of those killed ... even though the terrorists did not represent the American people. We would lead the way in tracking down our own terrorists ... simply because ... the evil deed was done in our name.

Not so in the present case. Here we are obliged to beg for the simple cooperation of those countries in whose name (by way of culture) the acts were committed. We are to shoulder the full burden of finding and apprehending those responsible ... and ... we, the agrieved, are to pay for everything including the damage done to our country without so much as an apology from the alleged "priests" of Islam (real holy men). In fact, they vilify us as the cause of our own dismay, i.e. the will of Allah.

Apparently we owe them an apology for the loss of the World Trade Center (or perhaps the loss of the terrorist's lives?).

3) "The terrorists do not represent Islam.
Their actions are against the Qur'an."
This is the statement of supposedly responsible Islamic clerics. And ... they are right. The actions of the terrorists are contradicted directly by the Qur'an ... by their own religion these people should go straight to hell. Hmmm ...

Then why are they seen as heroes by the majority of Islamic people (I mean here much greater than 50%)?

The fact is that Islamic culture is no more represented by the Qur'an than the New Testament represents Western culture. It is only a part of that culture. The majority of the Islamic people DO NOT follow their own religion. Not in its philosophical parts ... only in its "ornaments", i.e. its fundamentals as understood by the common people. They bow to Mecca, they recite their prayers like robots 5 times per day, etc. They are "fundamentalists". The moral precepts of Mohammed are completely lost to them.

This then is the true face of Islam.

4) Back here in the USA
Our Islamic people are wondering why they must fear attacks by mindless brutes. (They don't understand why someone would want to do them harm when they walk around town looking like Osama bin Laden?!) The should dress like everyone else at least for a decent interval of time.

I have seen American Muslems on TV speak of the terrorists as being "alledgedly" Islamic. After all the tracking down by the FBI, etc. they still think that maybe they might be ... Indians? Australians? ... what? They say alledgedly because they don't want to admit any wrongdoing on the part of their culture. Does anyone believe that if any American Muslem found Osama hiding in his basement he would turn him in? Of course not. The majority would hide and assist their real "hero" and would beam with pride at having been chosen by Allah to assist in the work of destroying the Great Satan.

5) Fat Books
I've been reading up on the history of Islam and browsed through some of the Qur'an. Mohammed seems to have been a real flesh and blood human with plenty of personal foibles but basically was a decent man. Unfortunately, he was also a con-man as all such religious originators are ... (well, excepting Jesus, who wasn't a real person at all but rather a pastiche of previous man-gods).

Obviously he didn't commune with the Archangel Gabriel any more than Joseph Smith did with the "Angel Moroni". LIke Smith, he studied the situation for many years before realizing that if other people could start a religion so could he. You just need to project abundant and unwavering confidence in your "tale" of divine inspiration and ... you gotta' have a big fat book.

After all, you're competing with the Bible which is a compendium of many authors over many centuries. How does one compete with a mentality that simply "weighs" the book to determine the quantity of wisdom contained? Well, one makes another fat book of more or less equal size. It takes many years of writing and will invariably have a lot of "filler" material like "glory to God in the highest ... blah, blah, blah". This helps to fluff up the book and impress the peasants. (In the case of the New Testament, it's "grafted" onto the Jewish Bible in order to bulk it up.)

And you need some genuine wisdom which you can glean from other religious documents and most certainly from your own personal experience. It's slow going at first and not all the originators win out in the end. But if you have the big fat book in hand ... you're one up on the others who don't.

Here are some good links if you want to study the matter in more detail:


"Hosanna in the highest. One should always study the people one has to kill so as not to do in the wrong ones or the right ones in too great a quantity. God is great. Blessed be his holy name." - EBTX (note filler material in quote)

6) Islam is not the Qur'an
If it were we wouldn't be in the spot we are now. No. Islamic culture consists of what is truly in the hearts and minds of all Islamic people ... the consensus.

And that consensus, regardless of the good wishes of many, is ...

hatred of America and all that it stands for

But ... why ... do ... they ... hate us ???

Because they perceive (rightly) that their culture, into which they were born and therefore love, is being  eaten away  by modern civilization, i.e. eaten by the products of reason and personal freedom.

That is what fundamentalism is really against ... reason and freedom.

Reason means giving up all ridiculous actions which I have heretofore identified as the ornaments of religion. Freedom means you can't stop the process. For ... given the option of choosing to live in the dark ages or a modern world ... a significant percentage of people will opt for the modern world and are not likely to return to the "old ways" in future generations. Gradually, inevitably, the culture touched by reason declines and is assimilated into a new culture ... with cars replacing camels and scientific study replacing prayer.

Primitive people can't stand this. The meaning of their lives is changed from important to worthless. If it were a slower process, it might not be so bad for them. They have my pity and now I would put them out of their misery (at least some of them ... as few as possible to get the message across ... that Islam is a dying culture and that its death cannot be arrested by any terrorist act or any number of terrorist acts).

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