Joint Strike Fighters
Boeing X32 and Lockheed X35

ere are the participants in the Joint Strike Fighter contest. Can you guess who the winner is? I could ... last year ... with definitive accuracy. It was a no brainer. How Boeing thought it could get away with selling a bunch of Macho Honchos something designed by "Bob the Builder" is beyond me.

What a waste of cash!

I think I had a model like this X32 about fifty years ago. You pull it back and push it and let it go and it runs along the ground ... and it had that same happy face on it. In fact I got one for my grandsons recently ... "Jimmy Jumbo Jet".

Mechanics, engineering, fuel efficiency, tactical supremacy, ease of handling and repair ... all meaningless aspects of warplane building. The main thing is

"What does it LOOK like?"

War is a game in the mind of the career soldier especially at the level of General. How could anyone be so stupid as to overlook that? Was it inexperience in dealing with the military? ... Must be!

Here are the "proof" pics

x32hap3.jpg - 6kb
"Look at me mama ... I drank all my milk"

x32hap1.jpg - 7kb
"Gorsh ... Ah can really fly!"

x32hap2.jpg - 13kb
"I'm always happy ... even when I'm just standin' on the ground."

x32hap2b.jpg - 19kb

And the winner is ...

x35wins.jpg - 20kb
Lockheed X35
They know how to strip off the nonsense.


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