Government Sponsored Extortion
Public Toilets
Texas Lotto Fraud
The Death Ejaculation Rating
Burgers from Hell
The Video Professor
Digital Smidgital
The Death of Yahoo
The Modern Skeptic
IRS Online Income Tax
Automatic TV Volume Control
The Valuelessness of Religion
Steve Case Destroys CNN
The Joint Strike Fighter
The Disappearing Rainforest
Presidential Hee-Haw
The Academy Awards
Crank Dot Net - Review

The Centurion Awards
Screw Britannica
The Failure of Peer Review
White House Press Corps
Scientific Amateurs
Titanic Errors
Noisepapers, Ragazines & Foolavision
The Insurance Industry
Government Sponsored Medical Scams
Social Masterbation
Graffiti - the long & short of it
Two Cars in Every Garage
Drugs - the straight dope
Stinkin' Critics
Winners & Losers
The Virtue of Cruelty
Biological Robots
The Proper Use of Foul Language

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