Why is there something instead of nothing at all?
And why is it observed in this particular form?

The Nature of Existence
An ex nihilo theory with foundations in logic, mathematics and geometry, derives the observable universe as the unique consequence of the impossibility of a 'state of nothing', i.e. "We are here" ... from 1962
Synopsis: A detailed model of the universe is developed as the geometric embodiment of a simple integer count. Causes are generated for data - of the type accepted by the consensus of informed opinion - in experimental physics and observational astronomy.

The Nature of Man
The purpose of this work is to trace the development of mind from an initial null state in terms of logical principles which are independent of any specific genetic constructs as the unique and necesssary consequence of the nature of the universe (the context for human existence).
The fundamental postulate is that the brain of man is initially devoid of instinct or knowledge (tabula rasa) ... from 1962.
Nature of Understanding - addendum to the foregoing
What do we mean when we say we understand something?
Nature of Death - Short discourse on an insoluble problem.

Proper Government
"What is the best conceivable form of government?"
A radical political constitution is constructed based on all the foregoing. Includes new mechanisms for generating revenue fairly, paying representatives, etc. (from 1975).
Work - What's a job anyway? Who's working and why?
Rants - about the current state of civilization.

Earth Minimal
"The world's most compact language"
A constructed language with about 200+ words and very few rules.
I spent the entire summer of '96 making this after thinking about it for many years. It's damn good even if it is useless.
Intro loads here from Language - top index (click Man)... then go to full screen from there for dictionary, formal rules and practice page.
Formerly "Cyberyak" and "e-minimal".

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