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Cyberyak 3.0 (with Chatlog ... ~150K Javascript/Frames/CGI type file.)
Random Mazes for IE3.0 or NAV3.0 Javascript Generated
Toilet Paper Why won't it tear right? 40K 3/10/97
Motor.htm My design for an internal combustion engine 3/2/97
Natun.htm How and what do we understand? 2/20/97


The Nature of Existence ~320K

An ex nihilo theory with foundations in logic, mathematics and geometry
derives the observable universe as the unique consequence of the impossibility
of a 'state of nothing'. Developed since 1962. [Netscape 3.0 - I.E. 3.0]

[Load as much of this file as you want then hit the "Stop" browser button. If you want all --- download the exe file below and use offline. ]

Natex.exe ~212K


The Nature of Man ~ 100K

Traces psychological development from 'tabula rasa' fetus to adult
human being as a necessary and unique consequence of the nature of
the universe (as the context for human existence)...... from 1962.

Naman.exe ~96K


Nature of Understanding ~ 125K

What do we mean when we say we understand something?
When and by what mechanisms does such a state occur?

Natun.exe ~95K


Proper Government ~ 100K

"What is the best conceivable form of government?"
A radical political constitution is constructed. Also includes new mechanisms for generating revenue fairly , paying representatives
and other practical matters.

Propgov.exe ~64K


Cyberyak 3.0 minimal language
~ 150K* [aafrm.htm IE3.0/Nav3.0]
Simplified frame setup for non-IE3.0/Nav3.0 users.[aa2frm.htm]

Learn a second language that's good enough to 'get by' anywhere.
(200+ words and a handful of add-ons . . . very few rules)
Cyberyak Intro ... Auxiliary Languages

Yak.exe [v 3.0] ~ 107K


E-basic music notation ~ 22K

Easiest conceivable notation to learn and use
(Goal is to sight read at speed on first reading)
E-Basic Examples ... Keyboard Design

Ebasic.exe ~ 108K


Internal Combustion Engine ~ 190K

Original engine design. Big 144K gif animation. Not much text.
Best view IE3.0 ... Nav3.0 is slow with large gif animations.

Motor.exe ~ 200K


Computer Industry ~5K

A few suggestions ~ New Mouse Pointer ~ 6K ;
Assembly Interface ~ 20K ; Fieldviewer ~ 56K

Comp.exe ~ 95K



I do not respond to e-mail unless it contains substantive comments or questions. If you are a person who possesses "automatic" knowledge that all I say is false,
You are wasting your time here.
I , personally, do not possess automatic knowledge and therefore must strain every neuron to the utmost, perhaps for decades, in order to arrive at any idea at all which is even remotely compatible with observation.
"I respect all reasoned , experienced disagreement"


Visitor . . . . . . . My web site is an end in itself.
I seek nothing from you
I am gratified if you found something of interest here but it is not essential. What matters to me is only that I have published my own ideas, my way, to my satisfaction (or as near as I can get to it).
And that I can continue to edit, improve and develop my site.
Any other consideration is secondary.
~ Ebtex (4/96) ~

~ End ~


. . . . Note : For those unfamiliar with self-extracting files

. . . . Double click Natex.exe in red table. Select where you want to put it on your hard drive from the 'browse box' that comes up on your computer. When you go off line, double click the natex.exe on your hard drive and all the files it contains will spill out (in the same folder) in about 3 seconds.
. . . . The natex.exe file will remain intact. It contains all the files for natex.htm (htm, gifs, jpgs, etc.) in zipped (compressed form) as well as the decompression program that is about 25K of the file (mine is MicroHelp Zip - works good, simple, cheap - see www.microhelp.com - available in any computer store).
. . . . Win'95 may or may not allow you to move exe files around on your hard drive so if you want to move it to another directory, drag it to the recycle bin and then drag it out of the bin and put it where you want. (It may or may not allow you to get it back from the recycle bin.). That's about all I know. [ And it doesn't change any settings or registry - it just spills out the files.]