Vita et Ratio

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1) The Nature of Existence~ 250K ; ~ 40K ; ~ 5K

A radical, ex nihilo theory of the creation of the universe with foundations in logic, mathematics and geometry... encompassing the fields of cosmology, astronomy and physics ... derives the observable universe as the unique consequence of the impossibility of a 'state of nothing', (i.e. we are here). . . . . . . . developed since 1962 . . . . . . . Download Info . . .

250K = text with complete graphics
115K = text only [Set browser preference to 'no graphics' and click '250K']
40K = Sections 1-10 ~ 1/5 of the file
5K = Quick overview and Table of Contents

For Those Seriously Interested . . . ~ 8K
E - List ~ 1K (Directory of interested parties . . . no present entries)
Why I Am Confident ~ 3K

2) The Nature of Man ~ 100K

This file (developed since 1962) traces psychological development from 'tabula rasa' fetus to adult human being as a necessary and unique consequence of the nature of the universe (as the context for human existence).
Answers for the hard questions.
45K Text and 55K Graphics ... Download Info . . .

3) Proper Government ~ 50K

"All things considered, what is the best conceivable form of government?"

A radical political constitution is constructed. Also includes new mechanisms for generating revenue fairly , paying representatives and other practical matters.
[minor edit & background added 5/26/96]

4) Cyberyak ~ 3K

New language to be posted summer '96. Brief description in file.

5) Ebtex Music / keyboard

New simplified scheme for musical notation with downloadable midi program
(Not yet posted ...1997 or 98) of same. Hook up your keyboard and learn to write and sight read music in 'E-Basic' notation in 1/10 to 1/100 of the time required by standard notation.
Guaranteed totally effortless learning.
Upload/download member compositions to group file and view, play, vote for favorite new compositions. Upload/download translations of Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, etc. in new notation.

E-Basic Notation Rules ~ 8K + 14K gif
Examples of E-Basic ~ 4K [links: FTP gif files]
Ebtex Keyboard ~ 6K + 32K gifs

6) Commentary on miscelaneous subjects.

Links when ready .... Size = text and graphics

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I do not support any present government. These pages, therefore, are not copyrighted. You have only those responsibilities you independently assume. For interested parties: If you want a copy of my pages but don't wish to bother with the downloads, I will send you a diskette copy for $10. E-mail me for specifics or use a utility.