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The Nature of Existence ~320K

Ex nihilo theory with foundations in logic, mathematics and geometry, derives the observable universe as the unique consequence of the impossibility of a 'state of nothing',
i.e. "We are here". Developed since 1962.

natex.exe ~212K
<<< These are self-extracting zip files
containing all relevant htms, gifs, jpgs.

The Nature of Man ~ 100K

Analysis of existence requires analysis of the 'analyzer'.
This is the complimentary piece to "natex.htm".
Traces psychological development from 'tabula rasa' fetus to adult human being as the necessary and unique consequence of the nature of the universe (as the context for human existence)...... also from 1962.
Understanding ~150K ; Death ~33K (contained in naman.exe below)

naman.exe ~190K

Proper Government ~ 100K

"What is the best conceivable form of government?"
A radical political constitution is constructed (all the world's problems solved in 50 words or less ; ) Also includes new mechanisms for generating revenue fairly, paying representatives and other practical matters.

The Proposed Constitution:
Each man has the right to : Cast one personal vote . . . Receive votes from others Recast votes received . . . Recall votes and cast again ... Votes must be given to one personal acquaintance ... A representative must have not less than twice the votes of any one of his electors ... The highest representative rules

propgov.exe ~64K

e - minimal language ~ 60K

The world's most compact language.
Learn a second language that's good enough to 'get by' anywhere.
(200+ words and a handful of add-ons . . . very few rules)
Formerly "Cyberyak" ... (may take 30-40 seconds before anything is on screen - nice background midi in IE3.0 - patience ; )

emin40.exe ~ 60K

e-basic music notation ~ 22K

Easiest conceivable notation to learn and use.
(Goal is sight reading at speed on first try)
E-Basic Examples ... A few classic keyboard works translated.
Keyboard Design ... A radical keyboard design (4x3 octave sets).

vertical-staff range ... 95% of all music is in the box my keyboard design notation sample ... black keys = 1,2,3,4,5

ebasic.exe ~ 108K

The Elements of Art ~xK

Presently being constructed
What makes an art work "good or bad"?
An objective assessment based on the totality of "visual observables" concentrating on drawing/painting. Applications to all arts.

art.exe ~ xK

Latest Additions to this Site

Because this site exists only to please me,
I shall post anything that strikes me as important at the moment.
Anything ... without rhyme or reason.
After it sits here for a while, I shall place it at the top of my
"Miscellaneous & Junk" file list where it may "Requiescat in Pace".

8/29/97 "Large Scale Projects" ~ 14K
Things that ought ot be done but aren't (presently).

8/12/97 "One Small Step" ~4K
What did Neil Armstrong really say? ... the hidden meaning ...
the cover up ... the lies ...

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I do not respond to e-mail unless it contains substantive comments or questions. If you are a person who possesses "automatic" knowledge that all I say is false,
You are wasting your time here.
I , personally, do not possess automatic knowledge and must strain every neuron for decades to arrive at any idea at all which is even remotely compatible with observation.

I respect all reasoned , experienced disagreement