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his my main man too ... He likes to jump on me when I'm not looking (especially if on the floor watching TV ... off the couch - ouch!). I took a "knee shot" in the ribs a few months ago that nearly put me in the hospital. Mr. Cannonball does not have any understanding of weight and the gravitational interaction and its adverse effects on the aging human torso.

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Mickey at 3 (May 1,1999)

Number of times Mickey has hurt me - 1,722
(Assorted scratches, pinches, pulled hair and huge wallops upside the head which are no longer amusing)

Favorite TV shows:
Blues Clues ... "Cat the Mouse"
Dragonball Z (once upon a time)

Favorite Activity:
Closet door basketball. (And he is very good at it). He especially likes to play in Target with the real goals ... but ... they put a toilet lid over them and now we can't play anymore :o(

Same day w/ Angelica & cousin
w/ Mommy Angelita and Cousin Kevin
Miguelito is "GooberDooby" and Pedrito is "GooberDoy".
What does this mean?
I do not know.

And when will they ever stop fighting ... over everything?

Miguelito's Most Important Statement (to date):

"What about me?"