The Pedrito Page

his my main man ... (& Mickey too!) ... We wrestle and I pic the "bugs" out from under his armpits (to endless howls). He likes Choo-Choos, especially the one at Six Flags. He talks very well and goes to pre-K for three hours each weekday.

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Pedrito at ~5 in April 1999

I have given up carrying him. He is too big and I now expect him to carry me. However, thus far, he has adamantly refused.

Number of times Pedrito has hurt me - 2,638
(Assorted cuts, fat lips, bruises, pulled muscles, crushed larynx, cracked ribs, etc.)
Pedrito: "I love you Eric"
Me: "Why?"
Pedrito: "... cause I'm not gonna' hurt you no more." ;o)

Favorite TV shows:
Space Ghost Oops ... that's mine. (No ... now 1-1-00 it's Dragonball Z)
Blues Clues and Batman and ...
especially "Cat the Mouse" (Tom & Jerry)

Favorite repartee:
Me ... "Are you a good boy or a bad boy?"
He ... " ... a good boy!"
Me ... "Good for nothing or no good?"
He ... "... good ... for nuthin' " ;o)

Pedrito's artwork from April 99. (Actual dimensions 12x20)
Depicts a train with black choo-choo smoke & red tracks.