Pedrito's Train Adventure

made this little cartoon some years ago as an experiment in the genre. It's done with Microsoft's Paint program and GifConstruction Set animation program. I found that doing animation this way (pixel by pixel) was extremely tedious to say the least and I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Fortunately, we now have programs such as Flash 5 which removes a lot of the difficulties.

I never finished the project.

If you don't have a fast connection ... well ... it's only 436K ;o). I'm putting it up because I nearly lost it when my Gateway computer fizzled last month. And ... the stuff I have on Zip disks is half corrupted and unreadable. I look forward to the end of Zip and the total dominance of CD-RW which I think will be far more dependable as well as much faster and ... cheaper.

The background is a Rubens painting and the sound is my grandson and me making choo choo noises. Yes, it's stupid ... and ... it was fun to do something with him that both of us enjoyed.