Date : 10/08/03
Arnold Schwarzenegger
why he was elected governor

his event is one of the more remarkable elections in American history. Who would have expected that a totally inexperienced, severe womanizer could be elected governor of California? Some undoubtedly find this to be shameful and point to the deterioration of American values, intelligence and character.

Perhaps womanizer is too strong a term ...

"Womanizer" implies a degree of lechery in the man. It's somebody who lusts after women and devises whatever schemes possible to get into their pants. That is, someone who (failing to devise a workable social scheme) would resort to rape, etc. Certainly Arnold does not come across as a latent rapist. In fact, he appears to be at all times a likeable guy.

No, what Arnold is, is a normal guy put in the position of incredible sexual possibilities due to his fame, physique, confidence and overall likeableness. I recall an incident many years ago at a mall appearance in a Dearborn Michigan where a young woman requested that he take off his shirt and show his muscles (which was not on the agenda that day). He replied to her that "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". Whereupon, the woman stripped off her shirt and showed her "stuff" in full public view.

This is typical of what one might expect. Women throwing themselves at him at every whistle-stop. He could have all he wanted ... and ... as most red blooded men would do ... undoubtedly sated himself over the years. He's probably had over a thousand women in his life ... easy. And remember, he's not hunting them ... they come to him and he has to beat them off with his dick ;o)

No man would hold this against him. In fact, they would do the same given the opportunity. They would resent it if he used force ... but again ... he didn't have to and by his observed character would not have done so under any circumstances.

As to the charges that he treated women with disrespect ... this is what happens. He sees some gal he likes the looks of ... and ... basing his judgment on past experience (considerable) ... he grabs her by the ass (just a little) to announce his "desire". He fully expects her to comply based on that experience. On the rare occasion when she doesn't ... she remembers the affront and comes forth during the election campaign. The fact that there are only a handful of complainers is proof of his good judgment. For certainly he has grabbed hundred of asses or titties. He's probably batting a good 98%. And, being that he is of good character, he treats all women with (whom he has no sexual desire for) with great respect as he has no reason at all to resent women in general.

To put it crudely, in general, for single men, if you find a nice, clean gash available ... you should stick it in there to complete "the circle of life".
That's all there is to it. ;o)

But why governor?

Arnold was elected over the others because people know him to be a decent guy. While all the others ... they don't know at all. What I mean here is that they know Arnold (or feel they know him) like a family member or a good neighbor. They know what to expect. They are not buying a "pig in a poke".

This is what is lacking in the American election process and what I remedied in my new government form. You should only vote for somebody you know personally. Then you are not likely to be deceived by political speech-making and contradictory promises.

Let's hope Arnold has good advisors and the good judgment to listen to them. This is all that he presently has to work with being that he has no experience at all ... and in this venue ... that ain't too shabby. It means that he hasn't been corrupted.

As for the giant deficit, the thing to do is to spend the state's money by percentages rather than by set dollar amounts. So that if you were to get $20,000 for something and the economy went down the tube by say, 5%, you would get only $19,000 ... and conversely ... if it went "up" the tube by 5% you would get $21.000 ... or ... the budget surplus would go to pay of the state's debt ... or ... would go into a fund for some "special" project. Then the budget is always balanced and no one is out disproportionately.

But he can't do this because he doesn't have the ...


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