Palestinians vs Israelis
The shame of it all

he current "intifada" in Israel has caused me to lose respect for the moral stature of media reporters ... hmmmm ... wait a minute ... I can't lose respect for them ... because ... I don't have any in the first place. Let's start over ...

These reporter types have no loyalty to truth as an abstraction. It's not that they are evil. Rather, they have no moral principles at all. They are amoral like a dog or a flea or a lead-lined sewer pipe. If their concern is not with truth or lie ... what is it?

It is sales.

In the case of the TV people, it is the sale of commercial air time. In the case of print media, it is the sale of wood pulp. In neither case can they afford to offend the culture that supports them. So they simply tow the party line. Stroking the folks who pay the bills ... you. They give you what they think you most want to hear. Most often this is not the truth. It is self-censorship of the most insidious kind. There is no way to stop it. It sustains itself by pulling a lie over your eyes and you are none the wiser ... hence, you suspect nothing and demand nothing more than that they continue the intravenous "feed" of pap designed to drug your higher sensibilities into acceptance.

Of course, you (and I) have an antidote to pap. We can find the truth on the "Internet".


The truth is available on the Web simply because it is uncensored and cheap. Anybody can say anything. Hence, they do. The whole spectrum of experience and opinion on any given subject is laid out in its entirety. You have but to judge.

In all other media, that spectrum is truncated so as to remove the extremes and any ideas in the middle that might offend the "milchcow" (one of Mencken's favorite words for the public). If truth lies in these forbidden zones ... it is not to be had elsewhere ... it will be only on the Net.

With that in mind ...

I've been filling out my understanding of terrorism (the current form) by looking into the claims made by the Palestinians (whose opinion is not advertised in the USA because it offends cultural sensibilities and therefore does not create "revenue" for the media).

I have observed many times in the past few decades that despite the horrific crimes committed by Palestinian terrorist groups ... the Palestinian people keep getting the worst of it. Estimates range in the 100 to 1 ballpark. In most situations I would expect this reprisal ratio to squelch the terroism in short order. Yet it continues.


It is because the Palestinians are at the end of their rope. It is fight or die and they have dam little to fight with except to blow themselves up on a bus.

They are being systematically driven from and exterminated within ... the borders of their own country. Matters have gotten so morally out of hand that even Jews in Israel are disgusted with the actions of their own army.

Zionists are Jewish fundamentalists

There is no moral difference between them and Islamic fundamentalists. Each of these primitive religions views all non-members as "less than human", i.e. disposable. They might argue the case because certainly not all Jews or Muslims view the rest of humanity with contempt. However, all religions are deeply bigoted and claim salvation only for themselves, excluding all others. Each is the one and only, true religion.

Zionists thus see others as expendable. And they are quite willing to expend them as is obviously the case in Israel. For a good outline and links to other sites concerning what has gone on there (and is going on) try ...

You become what you dwell on ...

The Zionist Jews have become neo-Nazis. I prefer to call them "Jewzis" since they wear different uniforms. Their manner (blustering swagger), goal (expulsion or extermination of the target population) and means (mass murder, torture, rape, robbery, unlawful imprisonment, etc.) are identical. They have become the embodiment of their own worst nightmares. The recipients of the Holocaust now mete it out.

How can this be?

Jews dwell perpetually on their past miseries. We see it here in the United States every day on the television, for not a day goes by without a reminder of the Nazi genocide. PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) is a subsidiary of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). Its biggest contributors are Jews who must have their daily fix of painful reminders. Can you recall a time without such reminders of how badly and unfairly they have been treated?

Yahweh has been deposed. The new God of Israel is Adolph Schicklegruber.

And a demanding god he is. Their worship of Schicklegruber demands the extermination of the Palestinian people. They feed their god grudgingly. It is hard to go from victim to murderer in only two or three generations. "Normal" Jews balk at the dead bodies, bulldozed villages, summary arrests, etc. There is even a group ... Jews Against the Bulldozing of Houses.

How did it come to be this way?

The Jews have always been the victims of real persecution. After all, they are the "killers of Christ" aren't they? Of course, the fact that there never was a Jesus person (and therefore He couldn't have been killed by them) is irrelevant. They go on worshipping God as his "chosen people" regardless of the fact that no one chose them. They refer to their Mosaic laws for guidance regardless of the fact that there never was a Moses, no Egyptian exile, no wandering in the desert for 40 years and ... but there is a "promised land".

Their God (aka Schicklegruber) promised them a place of their own ... flowing with milk and honey. Unfortunately, someone else was living there. Wouldn't ya' know it?

Thus, they have the right to "evict" the present tenants because it is God's will. Right. That is what the Jewzis are doing to the Palestinians now. God almighty bequeathed them the Holy Land and therefore they have the right to do anything at all to claim it as their own. No sacrifice (on the part of the Palestinians) is too great.

And to legitimize it all, they have a UN charter stating that the Land of Milk and Honey belongs to them and not to the Palestinians who, after all, were only in residence there for a mere 1200 years continuously. The Will of Schicklegruber takes precedence over earthly property rights.

The typical scenario goes like this. The Israelis go into a Palestinian village, round up every man, woman and child and massacre them. The other Palestinians seeing this run away. Since they have abandoned their homes they are now "absentee" landlords and therefore the Jewzis own that property. They move in to the abandoned homes and farms. If the Arab stays put, they kill him and make him absent.

If an Arab kills Jews because of this, it is called terrorism. If the Zionists do it, it is called retaliation. Often, the Jewzis make provocations to get the Palestinians' goat. When they can't take it anymore they strike out and give the Jewzis a "hook" for the media to hang the word "retaliation" on. Get it?

This is what the Palestinians are referring to when they scream "State sponsored terrorism".

Over a period of 50 to 60 years they have displaced the dominant, resident population of Palestine which originally outnumbered them 100 to 1, stolen their country by force and fraud and murdered tens of thousands in the process ... all under the sanction of the United Nations and aided and abetted by the United States of America (aka "the land of the free").

If Bush is serious about his war on terrorism, he must necessarily attack his own ally. What a twist! It won't happen though. Terrorism will simply be redefined as ... whatever the Arabs do ;o)

Why are we in bed with these killers?

The Jews are our overseas policemen charged with the responsibility of stabilizing the area where we get our oil from. That's all. Remember, the concern of the United States is not truth or justice or any other such abstract idea. It is "sales", "commodities", "markets". Our country is not immoral, it is amoral where the rest of the world is concerned.

Hence, I expect to see the Jewzis dumped by the USA fairly soon ... because ... we don't need them anymore. We have "remote control", i.e. we can kick anybody's butt militarily by pushing buttons thousands of miles away. The Jewzis are unemployed but don't know it yet.

Anticipate a turnaround over some particular incident in the near future. There is a detectable undercurrent in the media ... very slight at present ... but clearly there (as in the case where the 12 year old boy was murdered by Israeli armed forces on camera and the film was shown on American TV). When it does come, you can be sure that the United States government will be as duplicitous as it is shallow.

Osama is not off the hook

His deeds are motivated by the fact that Islam is being displaced by free enterprise and free expression on a voluntary level. People, in significant percentages, give up the harsh life of Islam when exposed to the Western good life just as they gave up being barbarians when experiencing the life in ancient Roman. He can't stand this. He is a "coffee-house intellectual".

The Palestinians are not moved to kill by philosophical argument. They kill from fear of being killed and from a justifiable hatred for the Zionists who have stolen their country ... and for no other reason.

What should be done about this situation?

The United States must retake the moral "high ground" ... and keep it.

It must be brutally frank, in public, with its allies ... calling them murderers if the shoe fits.

It must not fear offending those allies. Rather, all countries should fear offending the moral principles of the United States which should be stated clearly and must be adhered to with absolute resolve.

What should the Palestinians do?

They should take the advice given to them by Ghandi way back in the 40s ... non-violent, passive resistance. This tactic is known to work against Western countries. It worked for Ghandi in India and it worked for MLK here in America. The goal was and is being accomplished with minimal casualties.

Why does it work?

This tactic works whenever people view themselves as morally "good". When shown that they are participating in (or underwriting) manifestly evil acts, they recoil from those acts and move against those in their number who perpetrate them ... because ... to fail to stop them is to lose ones identity as "good". One need only inform those people of those acts in plain, unambiguous images (preferably on TV).

It will not work against a people who consciously or subconsciously view themselves as evil as would be the case with the Nazis or NKVD or Jewish Zionists. These people will just mow down unarmed civilians and be glad they met no resistance. But ...

If the Palestinians were to go on an unarmed protest march through "forbidden" territory accompanied by CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, ETC, ... then ... get mowed down by Israeli gunfire ... resulting in scores of dead unarmed men, women and children ... The United States would forthwith be compelled to withdraw its support of Israel and that would be beginning of the end right there. And the Jewzis know it.

But the Palestinians can't do this. Their's is a martial philosophy (Islam) which cannot adopt a "female" posture of submission and acceptance. They are compelled to fight even when their case is militarily hopeless. They cannot win against the forces of Israel (for cripe sakes ... they have nuclear weapons languishing in reserve).

So on and on and on it goes. Kill 15 Israelis in a suicide bomb attack ... then ... 100 dead Palestinian bodies accumulate ... then the cycle starts over. They can't win this way. The best they can manage is to lose ... slowly ... like Las Vegas.

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