A Palestinian A-Bomb?
What would happen if they had one?

s I have previously stated, the Palestinians cannot hope to defeat the Israelis within the framework of their martial philosophy of Islam. On their own they could win a reasonable settlement by the Hindu means of Ghandi but they just can't go that route.

However, there is one way in which they could win an acceptable settlement within the confines of Islamic possibilities.

The United States (or Russia or China) could give them nuclear weapons

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That's correct. You read it right.

Just why in the hell would one do that?

Well, let me explain ...

The Palestinians are making terrorist actions against the Israelis because they are incapable of making all out war. If they had an army equal to Israel's and equal equipment, they would forthwith cease terrorist acts and commence to do normal military battle ... which is incomparably more deadly. But they don't have the horses for this.

Suppose we were to give them the horses? What would happen?

Given a few nuclear weapons, do you think they would immediately use them to exact quick revenge? ... thus insuring an Israeli counterattack with like weaponry? Or ...
Would they not stop for a moment and think, "What can we actually get out of these things which we couldn't get before?".

My opinion is that they would start to assess the full potential of nuclear power toward getting a maximum political (and-or revenge) return on their new found kilo-tonnage, i.e. they would be forced into introspection not by being hammered but rather by "good fortune" as would be the case with a lotto winner.

In any case, negotiations would begin ... albeit most acrimoniously.

The nuts & bolts of arming terrorists with nukes

They would require exactly three A-bombs (Hiroshima type ... NOT H-bombs)

  1. The "Proof" bomb
  2. The "Threat" bomb
  3. The "Back-up" bomb
I discovered these facts while working at an automotive parts fabricating plant in Dearborn, Michigan. At lunchtime, I had to cross two major avenues at an intersection to reach the "greasy spoon" kiddy corner from the fab-shop. Many times I was nearly hit by drivers who disregarded traffic lights and blindly turned into me. What could I do? Although I never carried out this plan, it was amusing to devise it.

I would need two bricks or large rocks with which to intimidate the opposing drivers. The first rock was to hold as a threat to do damage to their car if they offended. The second was the backup ... for if I had but one, they might reason thusly, "He can't throw the rock at my car because if he does I'll get out and kick his ass!". Which would be logically true.

However, if I had the second rock, they must necessarily think, "If I get out of my car, he will bash my head in with the other rock. Therefore, I must give him the right of way.". I didn't need a "Proof Rock" because they could see the "Threat Rock" and the "Back-up Rock" in my hands.

The Palestinians would need a "Proof A-Bomb" to verify to the Israelis that they did in fact possess two remaining workable A-bombs ... I mean "verify" by blowing one up in a more or less secluded location.

The US would inform the Israelis that they had given the Palestinians three equal A-bombs. And the Palestinians would know that they all worked by randomly selecting one to blow up.

The US would not be able to de-activate the bomb by remote control because the Palestinians would still have control of it and the constituents would still be there. They could then get someone to fix it to work.

The bomb would be "marked" so that we would know which one it was by the fallout.

Bomb activation would require a multi-digit code to enter, set timer, then flip the switch to "on". To deactivate ... flip switch to "off" position. Difficult "on" - Easy "off".

Both Palestinians and Israelis are informed that if the bomb is detonated against the US, it will result in the immediate H-bomb annihilation of both Israel and Palestine. I'll let the reader guess the "why" of this.


Will anyone ever do this (or even suggest it)?

Get real

But it just might work to everyone's advantage ...

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