"Man is a political animal." - Aristotle
"There is no room for politics in the life of man." - EBTX

n case you haven't noticed, our system of government is moribund.
(Pasted from American Heritage Dictionary)
mor·i·bund adj. 1. Approaching death; about to die. 2. On the verge of becoming obsolete.

To this I would add. Stiff. Unmovable. Unresponsive. Robotlike. Corpulent. You get the picture.
I think there is a general (unworded) consensus that this is true. There is some enthusiasm for attempts to set things right but this is not going to happen. Restoring America to what it was (politically) will not work. Remember; what it was ... it is no longer ... for a reason. What is wanted is to do something new not over.

The next two centuries may be the worst experienced by man. The population, at present rates, may reach 40 billion by 2100 A.D. and ~ 400 billion by 2200 A.D. Obviously, the earth cannot support this many people. In fact, we may not be able to make this many people technically for want of protoplasm.

With this in mind . . .
The constitution given herein is, in my estimate, the default government anywhere in the universe where government exists at all. If government does not exist elsewhere (perhaps it is only a passing thing) so much the better.

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