Voting by Women

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modification of the voting system has occured to me recently (3-14-10) which should be of interest to women upset by the prospect of disenfranchisement ;o) There is ... after all ... an amicable solution to this problem.

While it remains true that women must not be allowed to vote with equal status, there is a "workaround". The plan devised will simply allow women to choose their own disenfranchisement freely.


First, let me reiterate that it has never been my intention to keep women out of the political loop. Rather, I wish to get them into it. At present, only those women with a strong masculine side can successfully compete in politics with men. It is therefore a predictable result that government has become excessively capitalistic. A touch of communism is necessary to compliment that overabundance and it must be supplied by the female ... its natural proponent.

We need simply do this.

Let both the men and the women vote in the system of their choice. That is, there will still be two voting systems and only the male system will have final authority in all matters whatsoever ... but women may vote in the system of their choice. Vote with the men and partake of that final authority ... or ... vote in the female system and have a voice (but no authority).

If my views about the nature of men and women are correct, women will predominantly choose to vote in the non-authority venue. True, some will go for the male venue but few will succeed here because of their natures. Therefore they will en masse find it most fruitful to stay in the women's system and "rule by influence" rather than authority just as they do now ;o)

It is not crucial that no women have authority ... only that the female opinion be duly represented and their concerns and voices heard publicly. The rest follows as surely as the outcome in any normal home. Everyone keeps their nature intact and the world keeps turning.

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