Salaries of Representatives

ow much should a representative be paid? Presently, representatives are expected to bow their heads and work for "the good of the country" ... for nothing (at least philosophically speaking).
This is bad buisness.

I strongly suggest the following rule for payment of representatives.

A representative shall be paid at the rate of 1/1000 part of the mean private salary per vote represented during the time that that vote has been advanced to the highest representative.

This means that if you represent 1000 people you will get, in the present economy about $20 per vote, i.e. you can more or less live on your salary as a representative and give it full time attention. If you represent 10,000 people you're living well at $200,000 per year. If you represent 10,000,000 people your salary is $200,000,000 per year and if you're the president and represent ~ 100,000,000 people you're raking in ~ $2,000,000,000 (yes, 2 billion).

Whoa ....... !!!!!!??? Oh my ... It's toooooo much. No, it's not too much and of course I'm going to tell you why.

First, the total amount of money spent on representatives salaries (for a country of ~ 100,000,000 voters) is going to be in the 10 to 30 billions range. This will not be much compared to the money they will save you by cutting the budget by say 50% in a very short time (without cutting the items you really want to fund). There's that much waste. You might expect your total tax bite to end up in the 10% range instead of the present ~ 50% (local, state, federal, hidden, etc.)

Second, people making 10,000,000 dollars per year in liquid assets (cash) can't be bought. What would you give them? Money? They have plenty. Power? They have as much as they can handle already. See? Anyway, these are the best people you could find and even a hint of scandle can remove them from office ... overnight. To maintain a high ranking you can't just look honest. You must actually be honest.

Third, if you made 100,000,000 dollars per year what would you do with it? Eat it? Swim in it? Throw wild parties? No. If you were an idiot you wouldn't have made it this far anyway. The money will go back into the community in the form of research, experimental projects of one sort or another, build a library, buy 1000 computers for the local schools, etc. The personal needs of a representative, even if extravagant by average standards won't go much over a few million per annum. And if a representative didn't spend enough on himself you'd consider him too odd for office and he's down the road next day same as the other extreme.

The figure $20 per vote is not an "eternal" number and thus must be set by the chain of command. It is simply my personal opinion that someone charged with the responsibilities of extremely high office should have enormous sums of cash on hand to do with as he pleases. At present, senators and congressmen who number no more than a few hundred, routinely dispose of 1 trillion dollars annually (a defacto "salary" of ~ 1 billion per year).

Let's get back to that total salary figure 10 to 30 billion per year.

We arrive at it by estimating the total number of representatives at each "level" of the hierarchy in this manner:
Two parameters determine the optimum average number "personal acquaintances" you will get votes from. These are, the total number of people necessary to speak to in order to become president ... and ... the number of acquaintances the lowest representative is removed from the president (someone who represents only himself). The lower the number in each case, the better.

If the electorate numbers 100,000,000 and the average person gets votes from 100 personal acquaintances the total number of personal acquaintances the president must get votes from is ~400 and the number of acquaintances removed from the lowest representative is 4. (Because 100 x 100 x 100 x 100 = 100,000,000). In general, the formula is

N = P^R where N is the number of voters, P is the number of persons spoken to at each level and R is the number of acquaintances the lowest representative is removed from the president (levels in the hierarchy). So the lowest numbers possible for the values of R and PxR are what we are looking for. 100,000,000 = 10^8 is about what woul be expected for the given criteria.

So to become president of America you would expect personally talk to about 80 people, the votes of whom would be ten times harder to get at each of the eight levels of the system. (When I say levels, I am not talking about anything distinct. Rather, average numbers, statistical estimates).

Now, about 9/10 of the people make $20 for their vote. 9/10 of the remainder get about $200 annually. 9/10 of the next remainder get $2000 anually ... etc. So we have,

  • 90,000,000 x $20
  • 9,000,000_ x $200
  • 900,000__ x $2000
  • 90,000___ x $20,000
  • 9,000____ x $200,000
  • 900_____ x $2,000,000
  • 90______ x $20,000,000
  • 9_______ x $200,000,000
  • 1_______ x $2,000,000,000 (President)

Each level costs about 2 billion dollars. So 2 x 9 = ~ $18 billion annually (10 to 30 sure)
[ Yes, I realize this is pretty shabby math but it's close enough for our present purposes.]

So, what do you think. Is this extravagant or sensible?

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