with Representation and Control

f two people want to share a candy bar fairly, they agree that one should break the thing in half and the other should get his choice of the resulting pieces. This is the type of logical scheme we would like to have in government. The logic of the solution insures fairness ... not people.

Let us proceed to make something similar in spirit for taxation.

We require that government control certain operations in civilization. Namely, armed force, arterial systems (things necessarily used in common), and perhaps just a few others. We want to pay for these. That is, if they were not available we would seek someone out who could produce them and offer to pay. So right off we know that there is a minimal level that taxation could fall to (it won't go to 0% and we certainly don't want it at the present ~50% [including hidden taxes] ).

We can also agree on who pays taxes. It is they who do the mental and/or physical work necessary to maintain and further civilization. Bare this in mind forever. If you make $1,000,000 in a year and do nothing to contribute to civilization, you have paid NO taxes. If you make $1 this year and go to work at an honest job every day doing something constructive, you HAVE PAID your share of taxes.
Money is simply how we quantify all this. We don't know any better way to decide who pays what other than the free market which is is only approximately fair.

So we will accept the free market as though it were perfectly fair and let the rest go as slop which is a necessary ingredient in any human endeavor.

With that out of the way, we can now proceed to examine the

New Internal Revenue Tax Form

Joe Taxpayer : Voter # 34646637
Flathotnwindy, TX 75051

How much do you want everyones taxes to go up or down?
Enter a number (+ = more taxes; - = less taxes) between 1 and 100. [_______].

The maximum amount that taxes can go up or down in a given time is set by the chain of command in order to prevent severe economic dislocations caused by people who think that the 'ship of state' is a speed boat. It's an oil tanker. Plan your moves way in advance. They might set the maximum down for the year at 5%. This means that if every voter says -100 in this box, taxes will go down this year by 5%. Since your rate of taxation will be the same as everyone else, and since you know that taxes are necessary to pay for things, what you are actually doing here is defining what the size of government ought to be relative to the private sector.

What do you want everyones taxes to be spent on?
Distribute 1000 points among the following items or categories. Each point counts as .1% of revenues,

i.e. money is spent by the government on the basis of percentage rather than quantity so that the budget is always balanced in principle. If a certain sum is needed for some program and the voters don't assign enough points to it or assign too many points to it, its funding will be decreased or increased according as they have specified.
(Important Note: This method of taxation is not an eternal absolute. Therefore, if something really bad is going to happen it is to be expected that the chain of command will break into the process and set it right according to their own lights. The only ultimate recourse of the voter is still to alter or threaten to alter the chain of command itself if voter wishes are not met.)
The items and categories on the form are set by the chain of command and should number at least 100 so that a clear mandate on spending habits is revealed to that chain of command. The form should include anything controversial but should not be overly detailed because the voters are not to be expected to study every project in rigorous detail. That is what their representatives are paid for.

That's all there is.

As before, voting on taxes is continuous. If you change your mind, get another form and fill it out differently. All the points in all items/categories of all voters are added up each day (or week) and the new averages are applied to those items/categories. Your payroll deductions are altered weekly if necessary.
Suppose you want something else on the form? Get your representative to get it included. If he won't, transfer your vote(s) to someone who will.

This is not rocket science. It's just easy to get things done in a harmonious fashion if you get the politicians out of the way. Always remember that politicians are the destroyers and inhibitors of civilization not its creators. Those who build civilizations don't want these jobs. If you want good people you have to pay well, make it easy (not dirty), and designate clear restrictions. (Honest men will not under any circumstances assume absolute power over others. Their fundamental nature is to seek the company of equals. You do know that ... don't you???)

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