New Cabinet Positions

f the current form of government is to continue it sorely needs a new "super-cabinet" which stands above the present one. Instead of a department of defense or agriculture it would have a more fundamental composition.

  • The Department of Logical Consistency
  • The Department of Gobbledegook
  • The Department of Mathematics
  • The Department of the Dictionary

Logical Consistency would be a small group (an oversight committee) charged with the responsibility of maintaining that quality in all laws passed by an ignorant Congress. It would not seek out logical flaws but rather would wait on serious complaints.
If it sought out contradictions it would require a staff of thousands and another bloated budget (itself a contradiction of the original intent of the framers). There are so many laws passed that one could not cart them away in twelve 40 foot semis. It will be sufficient to get "the worst".

Related to the former ... Gobbledegook would be responsible for ironing out the "shifty, obfuscating legalise" which is specifically designed to confuse and disable intellectual objection and debate. Gone forever are the "party of the first parts" ,or "the AEC of the FBI in the FAA over the DOD connected to the OMB ... blah, blah, blah".

Do you understand that this crap is meant to put something over on you?

It is ... it's supposed to make you think that they are more sophisticated than you ... so you'll shut up & take it up the poop chute.

Mathematics is really badly needed because of the incredible beastiary of programs which have idiotic "cut off points" concerning elegibility and payments (to and from). I mean for instance, "You get full benefits till age 18 then ... nothing". One would expect a more sophisticated changeover but ...

"Such is the way of coarse natures ... that they have no transitions." - Hugo
These jokers are so crude that they can't conceive of easy transitions. They don't need these programs anyway ... they're all rich ... or are getting fat on kickbacks. Welfare would be much easier to get off of if there were gradual transitions over time and earnings.

Also, would it not be wonderful if politicians discovered "active percentages"? That is, why not divide the budget by percents rather than fixed dollar amounts. Then, if there was a 5% shortfall in revenue there would automatically be a 5% shortfall in payouts (including fixed rates like Savings Bonds, etc. YES ... I mean renege on the thing. Not confiscate ... just renege on the full payment).

The budget would always be balanced in principle. Nobody would be tooooo... put out. But that would take some mathematical expertise.

And lastly ... we need a dependable Dictionary.
As it now stands, Supreme Court routinely redefines English to suit the expediency of the moment.

This can be stopped in its tracks if ... they are required to use a 50 year old dictionary. I mean - the meanings of words in the 50 year old dictionary are considered legally valid and must be adhered to.

Which dictionary?

All English dictionaries 50 years old which have in common all the words used to formulate legal terminology. That will be the end of "new" meanings for old words, i.e. the present system.

You can't peddle influence to the dead.

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