A New Bureau for
Getting Rid of the Other Bureaucracies

[Big Rob in Newspeak]

've been thinking along these lines for some time. Since we aren't going to get rid of the current government in any foreseeable future, why not create a department to get rid of the other ones. That's its mandate ...
"to chop off dead wood"

How "wood" this be accomplished?

It works like this.

There is an initial number of employees set ... say, 5000 ... and an initial grace period of ... hmmmm, two years in which to set up. Thereafter, they go forth a' headhunting.

It works like this ...

For every employee of BigRob, 2 employees of other departments elsewhere must be axed each year after the initial grace period. This means that BigRob must give pink slips to 10,000 other federal government employees in the third year of its existence.

If it fails to do so the shortfall is made up in its own employees. Thus, if they only ax 8000 federal employees in the third year, 2000 of BigRob's people are axed and they are then down to 3000 on their staff. If they have to make up a shortfall of 5000 or more in that first year, they are "out of business". See? ... the first self-destructing bureaucracy!

Now, if they axe more than their quota for the year, they expand their operation. Thus, if they axe 17,000 federal government employees that first year, the next year they may have an increase of 1/2 the "overage", i.e. in this case an additional 3500 employees. So for the 4th year BigRob would have 8500 employees and be capable of even greater fear production (in the federal ranks).

On who's authority?

They operate autonomously with these restrictions:

Any cuts made by them can be vetoed by a 2/3 majority of the House of Representatives (because this body is most representative of the people at large ) ... and nothing else. They can cut deals and negotiate with one another (BigRob and the House) to prevent this or that employee reductions ... but then that's it. No presidential veto ... no Senate involvement ... just our most immediate representatives.

Lastly, this is all amendable but the basic principle of mandatory cutbacks and self-destructing bureaus should be retained.

Another fundamental feedback principle

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