Conservative and Liberal

he terms conservative and liberal are often mixed up with the labels right and left. This is unfortunate because it confuses the issue of what these words actually mean. Here we will set the matter straight.

The structure of civilization rests on moral and political principles which may be correct, incorrect or in need of major or minor revision. In addition to its fundamental provisions many smaller ideas emanate from this foundation which are themselves subject to revision.

In fact, it is necessary that there be constant revisions of the rules which guide our behavior because civilization itself is always changing. The revisions often lead to logical impasses requiring that they be altered or that basic principles be rethought.

Enter the Politician . . .

Conservative and liberal are terms which describe the ends of a spectrum of possibilities.
On one side are conservative people who's job it is to insure that no one brings down the house by shaking its foundations. The ones doing the shaking are the liberals who wish to initiate changes many of which may be necessary.
It is the job of the liberal to investigate the structure of civilization and propose these changes. The possibilities are that he is correct, wrong or partly wrong and partly correct.

These two groups contend with one another and agreements are arrived at. New things are tried. Some are tried only tentatively and still others are rejected outright. Both genuine conservatives and liberals must agree on the necessary existence of the other. Without such basic agreement no action is possible and without action civilization must necessarily crumble.

These are the people Aristotle spoke of when he said that 'man is a political animal'.

Enter the Dragon . . .

There is a third group (those individuals who wish to destroy civilization entirely).

Since most people recognize that their lives are dependent on civilization, to destroy it one must take on the appearance of either a conservative or liberal. Without this 'masquerade' they would be quickly destroyed (or ignored ).
Evil masquerading as conservative is called right wing.(Hitler, Mussolini)
Evil masquerading as liberal is called left wing.(Stalin, Mao)

This is what "I" meant when I said "There is no room for politics in the life of man".
The terms conservative,right and liberal, left are being smeared into same, same, all same. This is dangerous.

Don't forget it . . .

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