The Feminization
of Western Culture

he dominant feature of the 20th century American male, as brokered by the


is ... "whining swinishness".

I mean this sincerely. It is completely disgusting to see grown men whining about their horrible losses, fates, love life, misadventures, relationships and their pleas for harmony, understanding, brotherhood, and their contemptible "earrings".

Note: If it has an earring - it's female. No 'man' wears an earring. Pirates wore earrings but they were "swishbucklers" (don't kid yourself ... no women ... long voyage ... yes, we understand ; ).
There is a difference between the interests of men and women. And there are similarities as well.
  • Interests of Men
    • Machinery (Physics, Geometry, Mathematics)
    • Sports (Physical activity, Not Shopping)
    • Killing Stuff (War, Politics - leading to war)
    • Personal Integrity (Courage-cowardice, Fight-flight)
  • Interests of Women
    • Fashion (Clothes, Shopping)
    • Homemaking (Shopping, Cooking, Shopping)
    • Nurturing (Babies, Teaching, Helping the less fortunate, Shopping)
    • Relationships (Love, Romance,Shopping)
  • Shared Interests
    • The Arts (Music, Theatre, Art, Reading, etc.)
    • Day to day politics (Local, State, not Global)
    • Sex (generally for different reasons)
These are all inexact with many exceptions but the general rule is:
Men are extrospective.
Women are introspective.
But either can be both since they are not instinctually bound to any behavior.

Why is this so?

Division of labor.

Someone's got to watch the kid and someone's got to watch the horizon (literally and figuratively). You know what happens when you try to do two things at once. You know what happens when there are too many bosses and not enough indians. Someone leads the other follows.

Whoever leads will encounter "whatever" first. So that person should be strongest (to contend with it). And who has the kid follows and is the weaker (physically). Now who gets his way most often ?
Mr. Testosterone or the little Mrs.

And what psychology will each develop? The male will do as he pleases and the female, having been knocked down in so many arguments, will just give up arguing (over centuries) and find other means to get her way.

She will find other ways by thinking introspectively about her relationship to the male thereby formulating a plan of appropriate action.
Is this genetic? Hardly.
Is it, more importantly, natural? Resoundingly, Yes.

In Nature of Man, I stated that the form of man is dependent on encoded genetic information as well as on external information (encoded, if you will) in the general environment. The nature of man is "sandwiched" between these two logical layers.

In the modern era, that external information may change (as in politics) though the physical information remains substantially the same. So who watches what is modifiable to an extent.

Now, if one wanted to catch the male off guard it would be advantageous to get him to become 'introspective' (female-like) so that he could be led around ... so that he would defer to a "higher" authority.

Deference is a crucial part of the makeup of the female. She will always defer to the nearest male in any judgement involving functionality.

I saw a woman on TV who was killed because of this while walking behind a man crossing a train track. She was watching the man (relationships-deference) not the train. The man was watching the train (functional-mechanical). The man stopped (realizing he couldn't make it). The woman, watching the man, continued on and was struck and killed by a 30 mph locomotive because she "deferred judgement" to the male thereby losing the half second or so that cost her her life.

Again, this is the rule not the exception.

The actual goal (as a rule) of those who preach helping the poor as the ultimate virtue is and has always been, the castration of the male in order to subjugate him. Of course, it can't work in the long run because it would be a violation of the identity of the male which, as I have stated elsewhere can be stretched but springs back to its proper shape when the reshapers get tired of wrestling with it.

In fact, the male is just hanging back ... enduring seemingly endless invective ... and is still doing his job which is the maintenance and furtherance of civilization. Incidentally, this is the highest male virtue.

These differences between male and female vary with the stress on civilization. Great stress means bigger differences because it is the optimum survival strategy (division of labor and specialization). When the planet has been "won" for man, say... 20,000 years from now, the differences will be minimal (possibly even vestigial). Thus, you won't find any alien race in the galaxy wherein the female has big, voluptuous breasts and curvaceous hips and males endowed with bulging biceps and tight buns. They will be quite similar and share similar interests without any major "shopping" distinction.

The antidote

The problem of feminization can be solved easily by barring women from voting. I mean voting on a par with the male as they do now. Ideally, the women vote in a "womens election" and their representatives give their opinions to the male representatives who take them under consideration.
If the male role is made distinct there will also be less spousal abuse since the men can release the women to police the issue themselves, i.e. when a male beats up his woman a group of female enforcers beat him up in exchange ... now the male has no recourse but to desist lest he be laughed at by other men.

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