The Hydrogen Bomb

he hydrogen bomb is perhaps the greatest invention of man. Rivaled only, to my mind, by the "bag" without which civilization could not have begun. I give private thanks to Edward Teller for having the courage, conviction and intelligence to follow the lead of Archimedes and not the "Wimpmeister" (Galileo).

The history of civilization continues largely proceeding on the political base of the H-Bomb. Everything in the international arena is done with reference to the enormous fact of total, absolute destruction in the event of irreconcilable differences.

The bomb was the true lesson of Vietnam and was never remotely understood. For the first time in history, a politician was faced with the prospect of going to war with an enemy that he could disintegrate in 15 minutes. What to do ... what to do ... I know ... I've got it! ... We shall ... VACILLATE ! And so it went ... on ...and on ... and on ...

Thus was war made ridiculous. A single man with a two wheel dolly can transport, deploy, and detonate munitions sufficient in power to kill or injure millions of people. You've got yourself a real "laugher" here. No matter the potential horror, it is still, intrinsically, just a very large joke.

Factoid Never Discussed

What about the bombs that the Soviet Union had installed in the U.S.?
For instance, the ~10 megaton bomb in the basement of the Soviet embassy.
Obviously, there must have been bombs here. They're only about the size of a basketball. Do you think that the KGB couldn't smuggle some in?

This must have been a high level "don't say nothing about it in public" kind of thing. They talked about a ten or fifteen minute warning if Washington was attacked. Actually, they wouldn't have gotten 10 nanoseconds. A timer would have been set, the embassy evacuated (except for "expendable" servants and lower echelon officials), then maybe 5 hours later . . . ((>KABOOMSKI<)) . . .

History should be written correctly. What prevented World War III, more than anything else, was the nuke fleet of submarines and to a lesser extent the SAC bombers which never stopped flying all through the cold war. The missile silos were sitting ducks to anyone with a van, an "Orkin" man uniform and a KGB sponsored "H-bomb on a stick". But you just can't stop those damn subs. Where are they? Everywhere. Nowhere. Anywhere. Certain total counter attack.

The Star Wars deployment of antimissile missiles was made obsolete before it ever got on the drawing boards by the United Parcel Service who would have been more than happy to deliver your H-bomb anywhere in the U.S. for a mere $29.95 + tax [overnite delivery extra]. Why pay millions for missiles?

Is this too complicated? Okay. Rent an office in midtown Manhattan and set up your "ground zero" on the 89th floor of the Empire State Building. Set the timer and go. Ready anytime for first strike.

The CIA deals in worst case scenarios. I'm sure this subject was dealt with internally. Spy reports were scoured for information about possible smuggling. But they could never have been sure. If there were no bombs here, it would have only been because the Soviets lacked the "scrotals" for it. Actually, shooting someone in the back of the head was more their style, come to think of it.

An Offer Never Made

U.S. to Soviet or vice/versa.

"Since neither of our borders are secure. Let us both deploy H-bombs in one another's countries, in the middle of major cities, guarded by our troops who will detonate on orders or if attacked. That way money can be saved since no missiles are needed to provide a deterrant."

A real "whiz-bang" idea. And evidently, eminently workable ... given the previous discussion. But it was never discussed. Nothing about this was ever discussed during the entire cold war. Nor did you read anything about it here. It can't be true . . . therefore, it isn't. Is it?

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