Foreign Policy Mobile

e need one of these in Washington ... or something very similar. But it should be absolutely HUGE and weigh many, many tons.

What it must do:
  1. You push on it and it moves off center easily.
    The world is big but is moved easily by one person just a little bit.
  2. To move it a lot requires much effort because it goes 'uphill'.
    If you want to move the world a lot, be prepared to put out maximum effort and don't expect to do it alone.
  3. When you let it go, it doesn't smack you upside the head but rather gently resumes its dead center position.
    If you are in the wrong, you will eventually give up and the world will be as before. You sweat ... it doesn't.

And, yes, I misspelled "gimbal" ... sorry. (I'm the guy pushing the dead weight.)

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